News: Students Not Allowed To Make Their Projects


It was 7:50 and I was all ready for blogging last night and everyone else was ready to sleep when my 7-year-old nephew, the younger one - both annoyingly adorable and adorably annoying, suddenly was in panic. "Tita!!!!" *Tita, by the way, means aunt.*

"I forgot I have a project. It's here at my diary!" He yelled as if I have hearing defect.

"Look!!!" He showed it centimeters away from my face. As if I can still read it!

"Hey. Relax, okay? You only have to draw. You're good at it." I said encouragingly.

"But I can't!"
"Oh yes you can. Everyone knows how good you are at drawing. Can you relax please. When are you going to pass it?"

"Can't you read?!? Tomorrow!!!"


Our yaya went to buy illustration board while I got busy googling some images that might help. And when everything was ready, I showed some images to my Adorable nephew and made him choose which concept he likes. After some "No, no, no, not that one, no, that one! That one!" and my eardrum nearly damaged, he finally got an idea.

"Well, start drawing now." I said.

"No. You do it." He replied. And take note: With Conviction.

"No. That's your project. You. Do. It."


He looked at me angrily that if only stare could kill, I would've died at that very moment and wouldn't have the chance to write my last will and testament. And then he dropped the bomb - the MOST SHOCKING NEWS:


I didn't know whether to laugh or... laugh. LOL. But I had to keep it to myself and said "No" firmly and stood up to go to my bedroom. There I laughed. At 10:25 I found him sobbing and had not drawn a dot yet. His angry stare transformed into that of Puss in the Boots of Shrek. Aaww. He won. I explained that since the theme is about Nutrition, I'd have to draw a Food Pyramid. When I was almost done with the drawing, I have learned something about myself - I was able to draw everything except for BANANA!

I was still up at 5:00 AM finishing the project that "aunts should make" when both my nephews woke up.

"Wow." They both said in unison and yes, I was proud of my creation.

"But there's no banana in the fruit group!!!"

"Well, there's apple, orange, pineapple, kiwi, cantaloupe, watermelon.. that'd be enough."

"You were able to draw a... a calantope but you can't draw a banana???"

"It's cantaloupe."

I get it. Just because he had a hard time pronouncing it made him think it was complicated when in fact, it was just another pretty round thing. LOL


joytoy said...

Im doing fine. thanks! How about you? have a nice day.

eugene said...

happy weekend, say hi to your nephew for me , will you?

Miss Elle said...

@joy, i'm fine. :)

@eugene, sure I will. Hehe. :)

KC said...

He he.. Your nephew ia soooo damn smart !! He totally out-witted and out-played his aunt !! he he he :p He's the one you mistook for the Grudge kid na ? he he .. I wanna see him .. Put up his pic sometime ! :)

And hey , wat happened to youe chat box ? Cant see one ! By the way forgot to reply , my bday is Jan 7th ! :) Wat bout u ?

Miss Elle said...

kc! no, that was the older one, just a year older actually.

Yeah, smart isn't he? Hehehe. By the way, I was Trying to make some changes in the layout but couldn't. was very sleepy. didn't notice my chatbox got lost. good thing i saved the codes at a notepad. :)

philos said...

Hehe... I wish you'd have taken a photo of your creation :)

Miss Elle said...

philos, I wish I had the chance to. At least my readers would have more reason to laugh. LOL. But unfortunately, I had to spend extra time wrapping it with plastic cover and have one Last Look at it because his school service had arrived. darn! Hehe.

but anyhoo, thanks for the visit philos. :)

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