The Birthday Wish I Never Wished For

~~~ August 1, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

No. It's not my birthday. But this is the most-awaited day for my Adorable Nephew (the younger one) who, by the way, has been annoying us with the gift he wants for the last 3 months.

Past Wish History. 2005 - he wanted lovebirds. Granted. Died. 2006 - he asked for hamsters. Granted. Died. Those hamsters he wanted so badly, which lived for 3 weeks with different names everyday, traumatized him. Why? Because one bit him off that he shouted so loud everyone thought he was suffering from massive hemorrhage.

"He... that... that... hamster bit me. I'm gonna kill Bo... Chl... that hamster! I'm gonna kill that hamster."

See? He couldn't say the hamster's name because he didn't know what its name was on that day!

2006 - Yes. That same year. Since he wasn't happy with the hamsters, he asked for a dog. Granted. And yes, still very alive, playful and loving mommy to seven now. 2007 - he wanted a bear. Really. Now where in the heck will we get that? Papa, wise that he is, suggested to buy not just one but 5 Teddy Bears.

Present Wish.

Adorable: I WANT A TURTLE.

Sis: We can't have one. How will you take care of it?

Adorable: Tita is here!

Me again, the heroin... o0ps. Take two - the heroine to defend and uphold his crazy pleas and principles.

Adorable: She took care of the three turtles in Samar.

Me: I did not!

Sis: She did not raise those turtles. They were even older than your Tita!

Birthday Birthday Burpday!

Me: Blow the candle. Make a wish.

While everyone was busy eating, I asked, "What did you wish for?"

Adorable: Promise it's our secret.

Me: A turtle?

Adorable: No. *eats cake* I want... mmm... chmunk.

Me: Why would you want a chipmunk???

Adorable: I don't want a chipmunk! I want TO BE A chipmunk.

He said that again with that rather annoying conviction - with his hands moving like he's on a debate or speech - as if the world would a better place to live in if we're all chipmunks.

My secret birthday wish when I was a kid was to be in a mall, a kingdom of toys to be specific, then something would happen (wasn't able to figure out what) that would make everyone running for their lives. Then I can be like a superkid who manages to go home without a bruise or anything and with me are huge carts filled with toys. Oh yeah, just like wearing an invisibility cloak, no one noticed.  Wouldn't that be an adventure? Crazy I know. Like I did have the option to just close my eyes and wish to wake up in a house with all the toys I wanted. But because I am Noble and Nonsense, I had to concoct an adventure - so0o out of this world and life-threatening quest. LOL. 

What was your secret birthday wish when you were a kid?


How Can I Dump Him When He Stood Me Up?

Yes. So0o true! My date didn't show up. But instead of wasting both my time and energy to anger and resentment, I just went to my friend's place, watched DVD and yes, you're right, with martini!

Anyhoo, to the guy-who's-supposed-to-be-my-date-last-Saturday-but-didn't-show-up, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. At least you inspired me to write this noble and yet so nonsense poem. LOL. I just hope you enjoy reading in the same way I enjoyed writing this. Hehehe.  

Can you suggest a title? Hehehe. The title of this post, by the way, is for the sake of fun fun fun. Well, that's what I'm known for --- The Noble and The Nonsense :p

I received a text message last Friday night
It was from someone whom I have a silly childish crush
Suddenly I got stupid that I couldn't tell if my tee was black or white
And my cheeks were more red than my Nars Orgasm blush

He asked me if I could have lunch with him the next day
Then watch the movie Clone Wars
Sleeping early was hard so I took a shot of Chardonnay
And deprived myself from serotonin-rich chocolate bars

I woke up the next morning and hurried myself towards the door
Asked yaya of a certain pair of skinny jeans I couldn't find
I stepped on a toy car and slipped landing flat on the floor
Seeing stars over me I realized that love indeed is literally blind

It was already 2:00pm and still no sign of him
Uncertain whether I should be worried or angry
After 50 years, he said he fell asleep because of the Benadryl, which is an antihistamine
I guess it's another gentle way of saying he's allergic to me

*someone is smiling while reading this* LOL


Loving a Superstar

Meet Rusty

What is this thing???

Can I have some? *sniffin*

I'm lickin' it! Weee!

Enough. Enough! Me tired of paparazzi.


6 Layers of you... 6 Layers of Me - tagged by kaycee

I got tagged by sis Kaycee - an amazing photographer. You have to check out her photos especially her entry for the theme "Colorful' (Photohunt).
 Thanks sis! mwah :)


RULES:1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okay if you only post this questions in one blog as long as you answer them.2. Get back to Yen (http://yennygirl.com/) will add your blogs to the master's list HERE! Note that you are not ALLOWED to change the link of the here.3. Copy from Start to End.4. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don’t need to be tag in order to join.


– Name: Miss Elle
– Birth date: December 20
– Birthplace: Samar
– Current Location: Manila
– Eye Color: Black
– Hair Color: Caribbean Caramel. *thanks to Loreal* haha.
– Righty or Lefty: Righty


– Your heritage:   Filipino
– The shoes you wore today:   Flats
– Your weakness:  right now, it's red lipstick. :p
– Your fears: GROWING UP - can't get enough of immaturity.
– Your perfect pizza:  covered with ocean of melted cheese
– Goal you’d like to achieve in life: to wake up 50 years from now - still smiling simply because I have no reason not to. naaaks. why so serious? LOL


– Your most overused phrase on AIM:  
– Your first waking thoughts: Will sleep again for 15 minutes.. just 15 minutes. hehe.
– Your best physical feature:  N/A
– Your most missed memory:  memory? what is it again? *me showing potential signs of dementia*


– Pepsi or Coke:   Pepsi
– McDonald’s or Burger King:   McDonalds
– Single or group dates:   Neither. It really is just less complicated to date myself.  
– Adidas or Nike:   Nike
– Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:   Nestea
– Chocolate or vanilla:  Chocolate
– Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino


– A famous person, dead or alive, you would interview:   Adolf Hitler - "You have one testicle. True or False."
– Movie you can watch and say the lines along with the actors:  My Sassy Girl - the Korean version. As if I know how to speak Korean. :p
– Name two of your passions in life : annoying people and annoying people
– Least favorite time of day:  morning?


– Use hairspray or gel:   none
– Your favorite meal:   I love spicy foods.
– Color you see when you close your eyes:   wow. difficult one here. carnation pink?
– Listen to classical music:  yup. upon waking up
– Ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it:  Geez. LOL. I dunno. LOL. I really haven't thought much of that. LOL. I live in a soap opera, no real life for me. LOL


Since I got tagged by pretty Kaycee, will be tagging two beauties I know here in the blogosphere - kimmie and HBK (KC's girl by the way. hehe).


An Indecent Behavior

~~~ March 17, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

This is not a love story so please, stick with me. I'm begging. LOL.

Confused. Down in the dumps. I dunno. Let's just say I am feeling this scary thing or I guess I am just simply nursing a heart wounded with the pain of rejection. Okay. Sooo not normal I know. Anyway, with the etiology I just elaborated, I knew I have to at least channel this abnormal feeling into something that is acceptable - BINGE-EATING. And WALKING. Yup, that's what I do. That's exactly what I did early this morning along with our dog and with my ipod.

For 20 minutes and counting, I was at peace with myself until THIS guy approached. This familiar guy - someone I just recognize as a Med Student.

"Elle, right?"

"That's me."

Then he started asking/talking/walking with me and stating two facts he knew about me: sister of my sister (LOL) and a Nurse Student. For almost an hour of conversing, I've come into a conclusion - he's smart, which is tantamount to hotness. BUT I'm vulnerable at this time, which would then mean I am not in the right state of mind. Whatever. hehe.

Med Student: Your socks... they're...

Me: Pink?

Med Student: Right.

Me: Wrong. Hot pink. There's a difference.

I declare that I really am just vulnerable. Anyhoo, I was about to go when...

Med Student: Elle? Listen. I really hope you don't mind. But... gawd, I'm sorry... it's nothing. Never mind.

Me: No, it's okay. What is it?


Med Student: Can I borrow your Nurse Cap?

Did he just ask to borrow my Nurse Cap?

Med Student: She... my girlfriend... just texted me and today is her Oathtaking... and she just realized she doesn't have a Nurse Cap. I actually told her about you and persuaded her to talk to you when we saw you last night but she was a bit intimidated...

Blah blah blah. Anyhoo, I lent it to him.

~~~~~~ May 31, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

Tomorrow is a big day - First Day of the Board Exam. Do I need to bring the nurse cap? Where is it anyway?

~~~~~~ July 27, 2008 ~~~

I was at Fifi's birthday party and everyone was happy that I passed the Board Exam. Still no sign of the Nurse Cap.

~~~~~~ 11 Hours Before the Oathtaking ~~~

Right. I never got a glimpse again of my Nurse cap borrowed by Mr. Med Student. I mean I do realize that it's probably P40something at Bangbang but come on, ever heard of decency?

By the way, I already got my gala uniform yesterday and it doesn't look that bad. I look like a chef, they say. Hehe. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be allowed to enter because I bought myself white pointed shoes with stiletto heels. Sooo not duty shoes. :p


The Other Side of Me

~~~ August 12, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

I am soo doomed right now because I only have 8 days left to get my gala uniform done. A very reliable source told me that I should go to the school so I could get the pattern. And so I did. Does Ms. Obedient have a choice? Unless of course I'd create my own design and end up taking the oath in my dreams.

Anyhoo. The secretary was on a "very important conversation" that I had to wait forever. I could seriously die with boredom so I resorted to entertain myself by thoroughly assessing my painted fingernails.

Finally! The secretary is done with the giggles and baby talk. Oh. My. Gawd. Did she just open up a folder right there lying on that table that is sooo within her reach and got a piece of paper then handed it to me? I realized that she just effin' did! She could've done that 28 minutes ago... I swear I wanted to raise a bad Pussy-Red-painted (thanks to Carress by the way. LOL) finger on her!

Whatever happened to multi-tasking!

I looked at the paper she handed me. Oh my. That's what we're going to wear? Oh poor lil me.

I am shocked, or should I say, traumatized. I went home very depressed and found my Adorable nephew, not surprisingly, in his own world of art.

"Cute drawing."

Now I didn't know sarcasm is hereditary. I wish i can do something to at least make this not that boring to look at.

Anyway, I went to the mall, still depressed, to buy x yards of cloth and immediately went to a tailor so I could get rid of this horrid piece of paper. I found out, however, that they've all been pretty busy making the same gala uniform I needed. The lady asked if she could see the pattern to ensure that it's the same with the 27,000something others who'd be taking the oath.

She couldn't help but grin when I showed it to her. And I, the Noble and the Nonsense, couldn't help but giggle. I said, "You know... 6-year old kid... pretty artistic..."

Well... What can I say... That 6-year old kid has to be me! :p


Obsession Gone Terribly Wrong

~~~ August 10, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

Red Shoes. This has been haunting me even in my dreams. I sooo want to buy a pair of red shoes. Well, I have one but it's a pair you use to run errands and I even have a pair of adorable red flip flops, which caused tremendous envy from friends who sooo want the same. It makes ones feet look more happy (what an adjective huh) to look at. Anway, I want a pair of that image above. I dunno why but it's like a craving. There is a conflict though. I belong to the parsimonious and frugal species. I need to have a sensible and valid reason to buy that because I might die with guilt. Like there are soo many kids who don't own a pair of slippers and I'll be hemorrhaging money for a pair of red shoes, which will be rarely used. :p


Well of course, the Oathtaking! I, Yummy Nurse, will attend the Oathtaking this... err, when is my schedule anyway?

Will worry about that later. What should I wear?

Something white. Pure. Clean. So Nurse. And will surely match with a red pair of shoes! Yeyy! And... finally I can use that red handbag a friend gave me from his trip in Italy. It was a graduation gift by the way. And it's a beauty. So beautiful that I don't want it beside me because it makes me look like a phytoplankton. The more reason that I don't want to mention what bag because then I'll be a fungus.

But I'm still thinking for a match of the red shoes - the red handbag or some cute red nail polish?

I guess it's more pleasing to hear, "Hey, nice bag! Where'd you buy that?" than "hey, nice nail color, covering a pile of dirt underneath it?" But if I choose the bag, it'll perk my friends up and I would be trapped with endless questions. But that sounds great, I am soo in the mood. LOL. I should prepare an answer if they ask who gave it to me. If I tell them it comes from a future criminal lawyer... the more that they'll be strirred up. Why not amuse them with a lie? Something groundbreaking and shocking that would make them stop and drop their jaws.

How about this:

"My newfound uber rich lesbian girlfriend gave it to me and so ready to take me to whatever State that allows Same Sex Marriage... like even tomorrow!"

Or this:

"The most sincere man I've met. He's intelligent, so true, such a gentleman and well, religious. Wanna know more? He's a bishop."

Okay, shoot me. Anyhoo, back to my mascot. I'll match it with the pearl earrings my mom gave me. What do you think? Unfortunately I am not a fan of make-up. I dunno. BUT I'm a sucker for lip gloss and lipstick. And this is sooo timely because I just got my Manhunt Sheer lipstick, which is very red. Well at least now I know what I'll be hunting at the mall tomorrow. Ooh, got a text message. Just another forwarded chain text from a friend, which of course I deleted right away. It said if I ignored it, I'd have bad luck with my love life for seven years. Well, hello world! No worries, won't feel the difference. LOL. Wonder what she'll wear though.

"hey there. wat are u wearin for the oathtaking?"
"Somthin wyt. duh. hehe. nyhoo, chek d site agen 4 d proper attire and venue."

Well of course almost everyone will wear white. Proper attire would be formal - my best guess. Anyway, I hurried myself to check the site and after 5 hours of chatting and blogging, I finally remembered my main purpose of getting online.


My world fell apart right at that very moment when I saw these two: WHITE DUTY SHOES & WITHOUT EARRINGS!!!

No earrings? I mean are they for real? If I won't be allowed to wear earrings, then what are my ears for?!? LOL
Oh dear, so much for THE RED SHOES. Miss Elle is sooo very sad now.

Goodbye red shoes. Goodbye. *sniff sniff* mwah mwah!


Blogging Friends Forever

Thanks very much Marga for this!



1. Only five people are allowed to receive this gift.

2. Four of them followers of your blog.

3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.


I am not really a follower of rules. Hehe. And I can't say if I'm giving this to "followers" of my blog. But what I'm pretty sure of is that they have been so nice and friendly, which I truly appreciate. I will pass this to Sam who tagged me that Dating 101. And to Mom of Four, KC, and philos - the ones I've tagged and "wholeheartedly" (LOL) accepted it.

And I wanna give this also to Marga. thanks. mwah :)


Dating 101

Dating 101

The very moment i saw a message in my chatbox that says I've got a dating tag, I knew I was in trouble. Of course I have the choice not to post this but I somehow want to join the fun and I appreciate this because it comes from Ms. Sam. What's with the nonsense introduction? Nothing. Just prolonging my calmness because the questions aren't easy and I'd rather have a test on Algebra. Of course I'm kidding. Like hello. I mean I'd rather have those "Type the image you see" anti-spam codes. LOL. Oh well. Here it goes.

First, remember that I am self-confessed cynical, sarcastic, crazy, and sort of well... no not sort of... certified yummy. LOL.

1. When was your first kiss and where?
Ever heard of warm-up questions? Whatever happened to Easy-Average-Difficult Categories. Hehe.

2. When was your first real relationship and how long did it last?
Should I start anticipating for a question like, "When was your first imitation/fake relationship?" Hehe. If it was real, it would've never ended. So much for fake relationships, I'm pretty contented with my obsession for pirated DVDs. LOL.

3. What age were you allowed to date?
I am particularly strict so I have never allowed myself to date. I don't date. i just go out. Hehe.

4. What's the craziest thing you did (for love) when you were a teenager?
Oh. My insanity is congenital. Fortunately or unfortunately, take your pick. Whether it is for love or not for love, I do crazy things. Comes out naturally. Again, fortunately or unfortunately.

5. How long is your longest relationship and what's the secret?
Just how long is long? Hehe. Just wondering. The secret? Keep secrets - what your partner doesn't know will not hurt him/her.

6. How long did you date before you decided to settle down?
Can anyone tell me why it's termed "settle down?" I've tried looking up on it in the Encarta and it's synonymous with the words "sink", "fall", and "descend". Will i settle down? Will you? Hehe. Albeit words like "calm down" and "relax" are also on the list, makes me think now - is marriage some sort of anger management? Hehe.

7. How long did you know he was the ONE?
Ahh... Err... When Number Two left? *kiddin*

8. Now, at age will you allow your kid(s) to date?
For a boy, eight! yeah I'm sooo effin' serious. Will teach him how to check out the babes and all. Eight is lucky they say. LOL. For a girl, on the other hand, I guess 40 seems fine. Life starts at Forty right? At least she'll be some Fab Fun Fearless Forty Femme.

9. When it comes to your kids dating, will you be a cool parent or a strict parent?
Hhmm, cool? strict? whichever... I still prefer to be yummy.

10. What piece of advice can you give to your child when they start dating?
Bad things happen to good people. LOL. Celebrate Life and Love. Twist it with Martini. :)

I am tagging KC, philos, Marga, and Mom of Four. Guys, don't be like me - take this seriously. Hehe :)

And Sam, thanks! Really. mwah :)


Shoot Me If You Can

While I was busy talking with a friend over the phone, a chubby woman arrived at the rooftop. I could hear my nephew asking his friend, "Is that your mom?" Now knowing my nephew to be delectably tactless, fear surged and thump thump went my heart. OH NO... Please don't say she's... please.

Adorable: "She's..." I knew I had to to do something.

Me: "Excuse me for a while (I said to my friend)... Hey! Your err... slippers?"

Adorable: "What about them?"

Me: "Uhmm, nothing..." Then I continued to mumble to myself, "...they're blue."

"You called him to tell him he's slippers are blue???" Oops, my friend was on the line, I forgot. LOL.
From then on, I was half listening to my friend. Suddenly Adorable raised his voice, "You are seven in all?!? Tita!"

Oh no. I am totally effin' freaked out with that look. I. Don't. Like. That. Look. His face projected both excitement and perplexity. Or was it utter disbelief? Seeing his reaction, I knew that it was his first time to meet someone coming from a big family.

Then New Kid's mom approached him. Please don't let him get into trouble, i thought to myself and crossed my fingers.

Adorable: "You have seven children?" . There goes my inquisitive talking-like-all-grown-up sociable buddy.

Woman: "Yeah. Are you with your mom?"

Adorable: "That's my tita (points at me and I smiled). You are like our Princess." He said. Again, with conviction.

Oh no. Effin' no please. I couldn't find the right time to cut in because my friend was venting out some of his grievances at work, which at that very moment I couldn't quite grasp caused by my limited concentration as a result of my mind being fully absorbed in forecasting a mishap that could possibly happen.

Woman: "Princess? Oh, who's Princess?" She looked and sounded so amused.

Adorable: Tita! Tita, she has seven children, just like Princess!

I stood up very scared of the words that might come out of his cute little mouth. He only allowed me a step forward because...

Adorable: "You're like our dog! Really..." *i can't seem to describe the woman's face*

And appearing unsatisfied, he added more insult to the injury. "She has seven puppies too. Just like you..."

Silence. He looks up in the sky as if in a profound insightful thought.

"And I actually thought it can only happen to dogs."

And for the very first time in my life, I was certain and so sure of what I wanted - that is to shoot myself. *kiddin*


Miss Elle: Kick Ass Blogger?

Until now my teeny weeny brain can't still quite comprehend why my good friend, KC, who by the way has just celebrated his 10,000-hit mark, presented me this award. Reading some of the criteria for someone to get this Kick Ass Award, I felt a pinch of unworthiness. Now here are some points:

  • Incredible, original content. I certainly don't have that! All my contents here are copy-pasted. Like I am soooo ignoramus of plagiarism. Screw that originality. LOL.

  • Overflowing creativity. I guess my problem here is the word "overflowing". It just sounds too much - like emotions. Hehe.

  • Helps you Become a Better Blogger. I don't have to explain this because my blog can speak for itself - contents are nonsense and full of my stupidity-at-its-best moments.

  • A Bloggy Friend you can Count On. I also don't like the sound of this. How many times do I have to reiterate that I effin' hate Counting! Hehe.

  • Simply Inspires you to be a Better Person. Oh mi gawd. Me an inspiration? That is sooo totally effin' crazy. Hhmm, but that gives me an idea... Miss Elle inspiring everyone else to become the World's Hated Lovers of Life! Hehe.

One important point that made me think for a second there was the first question "Do you know any Bloggers that Kick Ass?" That, my dear friends, makes me qualified because I certainly do and literally kick ass! LOL.

Do you know any bloggers that kick ass?

Maybe they've got original, incredible content. Or they're overwhelming with creativity. Is is someone that helps you become a better blogger? Or a bloggy friend you can count on? Or maybe it's someone who simply inspires you to be a better person... or someone else who sends you to the floor, laughing your ass off.

Whatever the reason may be, I'm sure you know at least a couple of bloggers that kick ass. Well... why not tell 'em so?

Well I do know some bloggers who are more fit to receive the Kick Ass Blogger Award.

  • Kaycee - her photography speaks of fun and elegance combined.
  • Mico - his writing sails you away to to a pool of blood - all caused by severe epistaxis! And like one of my comments, his English did not just cause my nose to bleed but i could feel cerebrospinal fluid leak from my ears as well. LOL.
  • Eunice - I have just recently discovered her blog and it's certainly to-fall-in-love with because with the photos and information she provides, you feel like you're travelling as well.

    And to you KC, THANKS! :)


I Kissed A Girl

Now Officially Banned

No I'm not homophobic. In fact, I love gays. Err, I mean I have a lot of gay friends and they are like THE Fab friends to have and to keep. Well, the only reason why I had to stop singing this because of what happened this afternoon. I was at the shower and had been singing (or i might have sounded rapping to some. lol).

Me: I kissed a girl and I liked it... The taste of her cherry chapstick... I kissed a girl just to try it. I hope my boyfriend don't mind it... *for the nth time*

Then there was a loud banging on the door. Well, my Adorably Annoying and Annoyingly Adorable nephew again.

Adorable: Tita! Tita! I need to peeeee! Right now!

Me: Fine. Fine!

I got out wrapped in my cute baby pink bathrobe. Do I need to mention this. LOL.

Me: What?!? What's with the smile? *immediately check myself out to ensure I've perfectly covered every flawless part of my body, ahem, HYPERBOLICALLY speaking. Hehehe.*

Adorable again has that mischievous grin. Argh. He got me again! I knew it, he's not going to pee.

Adorable: YOU KISSED A GIRL??? *now with a face like he had just tasted a caramel cake soaked with teriyaki sauce.*

Me: Huh?

Adorable: She kissed a girl! Mommy, Mommy! Tita kissed a girl... and she liked it! EEEWWW. *devilish laugh*

This song is now officially banned here at home. Thanks to my Adorable nephew.


Philippine All Stars wins 2008 World HipHop Championship

Yes, my friends, Philippine All Stars did it again! They just won the 2008 World HipHop Championship! Yeyy! Another reason for us, Filipinos, to be proud.

Watch their outstanding performance... Mabuhay!

However, such awesome dance moves make me sad in a way. Makes me feel more horrible about myself - I can't sing and I can't dance! Oh well. And worse, it makes me remember all those times when grade school teachers made us dance Backstreet Boys' Get Down and... gosh, the title... err, Tamagotchi? LOL. Ggrrr!

Clip posted by pinoyapparel at YouTube


Daily Blogger Award

Thanks Fab and Furious for this award! I appreciate it. Really. Gosh, I'm teary-eyed now. Hehehe.


David Cook Live in Manila

"We just booked my first show, post-'Idol', January 27 in the Philippines..." - David Cook in an interview on a Canadian Radio station CHUMFM.

Clip posted by marieallen13 at YouTube

Yeeyy!!! I remember during American Idol Season 7, I kept on reminding my dad to vote for Cook. I was so persistent in texting him that he had no choice but to call and vote when voting officially opens there in the States. Hehe. Well, he was also impressed with Cook's talent not just in singing but also when it comes to musical arrangement. I really am happy that he's coming to the Philippines --- that's January 27, 2009! Sooo excited. Weee!


The Bank Job

The Bank Job(2008)
a Roger Donaldson film
Jason Statham (Terry Leather)
Saffron Burrows (Martine)

This is a pretty controversial based-on-a-true-story film. But then it serves its purpose to actually expose the truth regarding the bank robbery in Baker Street, London. It is said that the story was not allowed to leak out in the media because part of the stolen valuables from the safe deposit boxes had contents that would disgrace a member of the British Royal family.

Terry involved himself in a plan to rob a bank with Martine, his former girlfriend, to pay for his debts and employed small-time criminals to make an intricate plan possible. What he doesn't know that Martine was doing it for the MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5), UK's counter-intelligence and security agency, which were after the contents of a particular safety deposit box containing scandalous photos of prominent people including Princess Margaret.

This is a story of different people coming from different classes of the society who were all placed in compromising circumstances. A group of people who robbed a bank with an intention to just get the money and leave placed their lives in hazard - not just because of the police after them but because they discovered they had with them the secrets of well-known persons who were in desperate measures to have it all back.


Michael Fajatin ng GMA: Paboritong Ringtone sa ABS?

Sino ba itong si Michael Fajatin? At bakit nga ba ako nagtatagalog. Ngayon po ay Buwan ng Wika kaya ako naman ay magbibigay pugay sa ating sariling salita. Naku, ito po ay talagang pagsubok sapagkat ako'y laking Waray. Oo ang matatapang na Waray wala ng iba pa. Sa kinalakihan kong Katolikong paaralan ay mas pinauso ng mga madre ang Ingles kesa sa Tagalog maliban kung Linggo ng Wika.

Ano ang koneksyon nito kay Michael Fajatin? Wala naman. Ipinaliwanag ko lang bakit bigla akong magiging Kokey sa iba nating panauhin dito. At para namang maiintindihan din nila itong paliwanag ko dba. Haynaku.

Sige sino nga itong Michael Fajatin na ito. Sa totoo lang ay nalaman ko lang kung sino siya noong isang Linggo nung kami ay dumalo sa isang parti na may handang butete at kami ay nahilu-lu-lu-lu. Leche talaga yang bisayang Low na yan, pasensya pero di ko alam kung ikatutuwa ko o ikaiinis pag naririnig ko yan. Dinadaig ang aking sentimyento kay Gloria Arroyo.

Sige balik sa isang salo-salo na aming pinuntahan ng aking kaibigan kasama ang kanyang boypren na nagtatrabaho sa GMA. Habang kami ay kumakain ay napapalibutan kami ng mga usyoserong naiintriga sa trabaho ng boypren ni kaibigan. At biglang lumabas itong pangalan ni Michael Fajatin. Habang sila ay mamatay sa tawa, ako naman ay walang kaalam-alam na nilalang na di maka-relate. Nanonood naman ako ng news mga kapatid kaso sina Korina, Ces, Pia Hontiveros, Ricky Carandang, Pinky Webb, at ang aking crush na crush na si Anthony Taberna lang aking kilala. Ay syempre si Mike Enriquez din di ko tatantanan. Hehe.

Nasabi nga ng boypren ni kaibigan na minsan nga daw ay naririnig pa nila itong ringtone ng ibang crew sa ABS pag nasa field. Ang lakas talaga ng mga tawa nila mga kapatid at lumapit itong si mader ng nag-imbita ng parti. Pinakilala nga ni kaibigan si boypren kay tita. Ito namang si Tita ay biglang tinawag si asawa nya, "Dad, diba may pamangkin ka sa GMA? Ano nga pangalan nun?" At bigla nyang tinanong si anak nya na nasa dulo ng aming mesa, "Sino nga yung pinsan mo sa side ng dad mo?" Di naman siya umimik. Aba di ata nya kilala. Dumating si dadi nya.

"Yung sa GMA? Ah oo dun din nagtatrabaho pamangkin ko, baka kilala mo... si MICHAEL FAJATIN."

Sabihin nalang natin mga kapatid na natapos ang aming kainan na para kaming nasa loob ng library. Buti nalang di ako nakitawa. Lols. Malamang karamihan sa inyo ay napanood na ito pero ilalagay ko pa rin. Wala naman akong gustong iparating dito mga kapatid. Wala pa kasi akong naibahagi ditong bidyo kaya ito nalang ang magsisilbi kong ika nga Pirst Taym. Hehe.

Sige na at medyo nahihilo na ako sa Tagalog tsaka nag-aaway na naman itong mga pamangkin ko dito. Nag-aaway sila sa simula pagkatapos nito'y nagkaroon sila ng pag-aaway sa simula... Hala! May naintindihan ba kayo? Ako wala. Hahaha.

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