How Can I Dump Him When He Stood Me Up?

Yes. So0o true! My date didn't show up. But instead of wasting both my time and energy to anger and resentment, I just went to my friend's place, watched DVD and yes, you're right, with martini!

Anyhoo, to the guy-who's-supposed-to-be-my-date-last-Saturday-but-didn't-show-up, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. At least you inspired me to write this noble and yet so nonsense poem. LOL. I just hope you enjoy reading in the same way I enjoyed writing this. Hehehe.  

Can you suggest a title? Hehehe. The title of this post, by the way, is for the sake of fun fun fun. Well, that's what I'm known for --- The Noble and The Nonsense :p

I received a text message last Friday night
It was from someone whom I have a silly childish crush
Suddenly I got stupid that I couldn't tell if my tee was black or white
And my cheeks were more red than my Nars Orgasm blush

He asked me if I could have lunch with him the next day
Then watch the movie Clone Wars
Sleeping early was hard so I took a shot of Chardonnay
And deprived myself from serotonin-rich chocolate bars

I woke up the next morning and hurried myself towards the door
Asked yaya of a certain pair of skinny jeans I couldn't find
I stepped on a toy car and slipped landing flat on the floor
Seeing stars over me I realized that love indeed is literally blind

It was already 2:00pm and still no sign of him
Uncertain whether I should be worried or angry
After 50 years, he said he fell asleep because of the Benadryl, which is an antihistamine
I guess it's another gentle way of saying he's allergic to me

*someone is smiling while reading this* LOL


bloggista said...

What a bugger. You should seek him out and shot him with a .45 headshot. What made him stood up for such a Noble sassy lady Elle.

Kimmie said...

What a d*ck. Sorry. But he IS! Who IS he, btw? :D Anyhoo, before you go HOME HOME, I hope you drop by here HOME. :) We can go to the spa. Get our hair and nails done. Dinner and coffee. :) Wouldn't that be great? Yey. I'll save.

PS: I think some of our classmates are home HOME na. :) So I don't think you'll 100% die of boredom. Stock up on some good reads! :)

Miss Elle said...

bloggista: it's actually in the poem - the reason why he stood me up. it's that effin' Benadryl's fault. how bout i hand you the gun. will you shoot him for me. LOL :p

kimmie: that's an enticing idea best. hhmm, how bout i go home first then just go back there so at least we can have more time.

who's home? i certainly hope so best. actually i already sent a huge box full of books there. hehe. like storin food for the winter. :p

kaycee said...

Oh Miss Elle, you don't need to associate yourself with such a halfwit! Life is short!!!
(If I've invited someone to a date I would opt for a non-drowsy antihistamine, would you?)

Miss Elle said...

a very good point kaycee - that there are actually non-drowsy antihistamines out in the market. or probably have the decency to at least let a person know that you have allergy or that you're taking a drug that would most likely sail you away to dreamland... do i seem to be the kind of person who wouldn't understand? i guess i appear to him as one. LOL. :)

KC said...

"Benadryl jus does nt cure Coughs - It also provides Laughs ! " This could be the title or a tag-line to your post !! :p Anyway , i don know whether to pity you or pity him(for not gettin such a great gal) or just ROTFL !!! :p Your poem was damn good - He certainly does nt deserve you !! :)

Jeff said...

nice poem; its is funny. Sorry about being stood up. I hope you have a great week ahead of you and thanks for visiting my blog :)

LimZhi said...

I wonder if somebody used his hp to send u the msg or smtg..hmmm..

Empty Streets said...

hehehe am laughing, hehe sorry ms elle but this is definitely a guy I would scheme to get even with. cruel intentions style :-P

Miss Elle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Elle said...

kc: hahaha. now you made me laugh with the tagline. thanks for appreciating the poem kc! but its nothin compared to your rap. :p

jeff: hehe. thanks jeff. :)

limzhi: now you've got me thinking... maybe limzhi... maybe..hhmm.. :)

empty streets: ohhh. cruel intentions eh? hehe. now you're polluting my mind. LOL. thanks empty streets! :)

Empty Streets said...

:) Aww but it is kinda fun to think about doing it, wouldn't it be even crazier if you actually did it. Just the mere thought is exhilirating hehehehehe sorry being a little imp here heheh

Mom of Four said...

Well, next time he asks you out again, say yes...of course, you need to sound excited..Then get out of your house, go somewhere and know the rest of the story..
Benadryl my butt!!! Great poem though, I believe you got really disappointed, that you were able to compose one.
Have fun!!!

Miss Elle said...

empty streets: it does sound liberating, my friend. dont be sorry, i actually am open to suggestions. :p

mom of four: hahaha. cant help but laugh. wise words from a woman of substance. thanks for appreciating the poem, mommy liza. and thanks to him, he inspired me to write one. :p

-=May=- said...

wtf!? why did he stood you up?? crazy! guys are crazy ei!? hmmm.. let's see, i have a suggestion for the title, something you could add to the list you have there :) "crazy addiction" hehe.. see yah around miss elle

bloggista said...

LOL. Is the guy still standing? He should be way down 6ft by now. :-) The poem's really good. I wonder why one could be very creative when upset or something.

You could win a Nobel prize on literature the next time that bugger do something stupid again. :-).

Ohh btw, have you decide on which laptop to buy?

Anonymous said...

wow. gusto mo lutuin natin siya? gawing kape at.... at... wala na kong maisip.

philos said...

What can I say? He miss his chance hehe... tough luck. Hmm, where are you from anyway? Where are you at right now?

If you're in Manila, consider yourself tagged... well, sort of :p

Miss Elle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Elle said...

may: am smilin with that all-guys are-crazy thing. hehe. oh and thanks for the suggestion - "crazy addiction". wow. hehe :)

bloggista: you are so0o mean. am ok already with the .45 headshot suggestion.. but not with the 6-ft below the ground one. you're bad. LOL. anyh0o, i hope he still is standing/sitting in front of his notebook so he could read what these brilliant people have to say. :)

regrading the notebook, still not decided. but intrigued with that ubuntu thing.

prinsesa musang: hahaha. natawa ako dun ah... ok na suhestyon iyan mare. salamat. :)

philos: here in Manila. laser tag... hmm... pretty interesting game. can i hit "him" with that thing instead of a real gun that bloggista is suggesting. LOL. :)

Kimmie said...

OK fine. Just let me know, okay? You're going to have to be here a while. Although I'm not sure ha kse the others (yan2, nins, etc) are working na. Hahaha!

Anyhoo, I Jake and Juk are the only ones I know who're home. But then again, when I go home they're usually the only ones I hang out with so I think it's cool.

PS: Don't forget the twins! :D

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