An Indecent Behavior

~~~ March 17, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

This is not a love story so please, stick with me. I'm begging. LOL.

Confused. Down in the dumps. I dunno. Let's just say I am feeling this scary thing or I guess I am just simply nursing a heart wounded with the pain of rejection. Okay. Sooo not normal I know. Anyway, with the etiology I just elaborated, I knew I have to at least channel this abnormal feeling into something that is acceptable - BINGE-EATING. And WALKING. Yup, that's what I do. That's exactly what I did early this morning along with our dog and with my ipod.

For 20 minutes and counting, I was at peace with myself until THIS guy approached. This familiar guy - someone I just recognize as a Med Student.

"Elle, right?"

"That's me."

Then he started asking/talking/walking with me and stating two facts he knew about me: sister of my sister (LOL) and a Nurse Student. For almost an hour of conversing, I've come into a conclusion - he's smart, which is tantamount to hotness. BUT I'm vulnerable at this time, which would then mean I am not in the right state of mind. Whatever. hehe.

Med Student: Your socks... they're...

Me: Pink?

Med Student: Right.

Me: Wrong. Hot pink. There's a difference.

I declare that I really am just vulnerable. Anyhoo, I was about to go when...

Med Student: Elle? Listen. I really hope you don't mind. But... gawd, I'm sorry... it's nothing. Never mind.

Me: No, it's okay. What is it?


Med Student: Can I borrow your Nurse Cap?

Did he just ask to borrow my Nurse Cap?

Med Student: She... my girlfriend... just texted me and today is her Oathtaking... and she just realized she doesn't have a Nurse Cap. I actually told her about you and persuaded her to talk to you when we saw you last night but she was a bit intimidated...

Blah blah blah. Anyhoo, I lent it to him.

~~~~~~ May 31, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

Tomorrow is a big day - First Day of the Board Exam. Do I need to bring the nurse cap? Where is it anyway?

~~~~~~ July 27, 2008 ~~~

I was at Fifi's birthday party and everyone was happy that I passed the Board Exam. Still no sign of the Nurse Cap.

~~~~~~ 11 Hours Before the Oathtaking ~~~

Right. I never got a glimpse again of my Nurse cap borrowed by Mr. Med Student. I mean I do realize that it's probably P40something at Bangbang but come on, ever heard of decency?

By the way, I already got my gala uniform yesterday and it doesn't look that bad. I look like a chef, they say. Hehe. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be allowed to enter because I bought myself white pointed shoes with stiletto heels. Sooo not duty shoes. :p


KC said...

He he.. This has happened to me Umpteen no. of times ! Lend somethin and it never-ever comes back ! Thats why i try not to lend anythin , and even if i lend i don expect that to be returned ! :p

And Chef eh ??! Hehe.. Its Faaaaar better than what we had in mind ! :p

And All the very best for your Oath takin ceremony ! :) We call it the "Blah Blah" ceremony over here ! :p

Mom of Four said...

Hehehe, you're right, not a love story..I thought he was going to ask you out..Hahaha!!
Hey, you ain't going to wear that red shoes? Hmm...You definitely need your nurse cap..stinkin' cheap med student...

Congratulations, again, Enjoy every minute of your Oathtaking..I did an Oathtaking before..When I had my American citizenship..not exciting though, I was with all these Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian and some European people. I didn't know anybody..
Stay cool..Mommy of four...

Mayet said...

I was hoping for a happy ending...heniway, hope you will get your cap back soon :)

LimZhi said...

My goodness..he finally showed his intention for the 1 hour talk..I will get damn pixxed mannn...X a sincere talk though~

philos said...

Haha... excellent compromise! Show us a photo, show us a photo!

Oh, and btw, he sucks!

Miss Elle said...

kc: haha. you are mean. :p i guess it was a mistake lending it to him but he looked so decent... oh well.

yeah kc, a chef! and in fairness, my uniform looked way cuter than those of others. i guess you call it "love your own". LOL :p

mom of four: me too! kiddin. red shoes on the oathtaking? guess that would remain in my dreams. unless the oathtaking i'd be attending next time would be exactly the same as yours. :p

thanks mommy! :)

Miss Elle said...

mayet: dunno if i was hoping the same but i was definitely not looking forward to a weird ending. hehe.

limzhi: you're right about that girl. the "walking" didnt serve its purpose. hehe. thanks limzhi for the visit. i appreciate it! :)

philos: thank you sooo much for saying that! at least i didn't have to hear it coming from me. Hehe :p

kaycee said...

Hay, men! Never mind, 'ey...

Well done for buying a more fashionable shoes to go with your gala uniform. I'm sure they won't notice ( & if they do they're not gonna send you home, are they?) =D

Kimmie said...

Tolja it wasn't going to be that bad. :) I'll post a pic of MY gala so you'd feel better. Do you know how awful our galas were? :P

Anyhoo, that MedStudent's girlfriend is poor. Eww. Why couldn't she buy her own cap?


Miss Elle said...

kaycee: yeah, i felt i had to. i dont want to waste mo0lah for something i might not wear again. a risk though. LOL

kimmie: post a photo of it... lemme see! lemme see! hehehe :)

about that cap, maybe she's a staff nurse now or something and still using it. hehe. :)

bena-yot said...

hihihi! i find this story cute.. i kinda thought that he's gonna ask you something like 'can i invite you for dinner or chu-chu?..' hihihi.. nice one! vi-a-v! moi bena~!

bloggista said...

Hey, as usual I was out of the milky galaxy I even didnt noticed the oathtaking was the other day! So how was it? Hope you had a great time!

Miss Elle said...

bena-yot: hehe :p thanks for the visit! :)

bloggista: yeah i had a great time - raising my right hand, taking pictures, and joining others applauding. hehe. but seriously, i am thankful i did not pursue my evil plan to boycott the oathtaking because i did have a great time :)

philos said...

It's good that you had a great time. I came in late for my own, had to sit with people who I didn't know much, so not so good hehe... On the plus side, I remember that I didn't have to wear no gala to my oath taking hehe :p

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