The Birthday Wish I Never Wished For

~~~ August 1, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

No. It's not my birthday. But this is the most-awaited day for my Adorable Nephew (the younger one) who, by the way, has been annoying us with the gift he wants for the last 3 months.

Past Wish History. 2005 - he wanted lovebirds. Granted. Died. 2006 - he asked for hamsters. Granted. Died. Those hamsters he wanted so badly, which lived for 3 weeks with different names everyday, traumatized him. Why? Because one bit him off that he shouted so loud everyone thought he was suffering from massive hemorrhage.

"He... that... that... hamster bit me. I'm gonna kill Bo... Chl... that hamster! I'm gonna kill that hamster."

See? He couldn't say the hamster's name because he didn't know what its name was on that day!

2006 - Yes. That same year. Since he wasn't happy with the hamsters, he asked for a dog. Granted. And yes, still very alive, playful and loving mommy to seven now. 2007 - he wanted a bear. Really. Now where in the heck will we get that? Papa, wise that he is, suggested to buy not just one but 5 Teddy Bears.

Present Wish.

Adorable: I WANT A TURTLE.

Sis: We can't have one. How will you take care of it?

Adorable: Tita is here!

Me again, the heroin... o0ps. Take two - the heroine to defend and uphold his crazy pleas and principles.

Adorable: She took care of the three turtles in Samar.

Me: I did not!

Sis: She did not raise those turtles. They were even older than your Tita!

Birthday Birthday Burpday!

Me: Blow the candle. Make a wish.

While everyone was busy eating, I asked, "What did you wish for?"

Adorable: Promise it's our secret.

Me: A turtle?

Adorable: No. *eats cake* I want... mmm... chmunk.

Me: Why would you want a chipmunk???

Adorable: I don't want a chipmunk! I want TO BE A chipmunk.

He said that again with that rather annoying conviction - with his hands moving like he's on a debate or speech - as if the world would a better place to live in if we're all chipmunks.

My secret birthday wish when I was a kid was to be in a mall, a kingdom of toys to be specific, then something would happen (wasn't able to figure out what) that would make everyone running for their lives. Then I can be like a superkid who manages to go home without a bruise or anything and with me are huge carts filled with toys. Oh yeah, just like wearing an invisibility cloak, no one noticed.  Wouldn't that be an adventure? Crazy I know. Like I did have the option to just close my eyes and wish to wake up in a house with all the toys I wanted. But because I am Noble and Nonsense, I had to concoct an adventure - so0o out of this world and life-threatening quest. LOL. 

What was your secret birthday wish when you were a kid?


Anonymous said...

ako gusto ko maging rabbit.

-=May=- said...

hehehe.. I was hoping he'd wish for the turtle.. I looove turtles :)

Kimmie said...

I wanna be a vampire! :P
Those pamangkins are so adorable. :D Will they ever come to Samar someday?

Miss Elle said...

PM: rabbit? di nga? hehehe. i was actually thinkin you would've wanted to be a cat like the handsome jin :)

may: turtles are nice pets... kasi di maingay. LOL

kimmie: you really are obsessed with twilight. i didnt wish to be one albeit i remember wishin to get married to one - Brad Pitt vampie. LOL.

Mom of Four said...

all I wanted when I was a kid was a swimming pool of chocolate, like the commercial (Goya factory). or that one day I will wake up stinking one of Maricel Soriano's movie, hehehe...TV, bad influence those days..Hirap talaga ng mahirap, grabe kung mangarap...

KC said...

Yet another Chronicle of ur Nephews :) I was expecting something else ! U know :p

Here , its not a relevant custom to make wishes on birthdays ! Kids look fwd to their b'days for the only reason that - they are allowed to wear Casuals to school only on their b'days ! :) And we college ppl - don ever wanna look fwd to our b'days cos we get our A$$ man-handled in the name of "Birthday Bumps" :)

Anyway , if i had asked to make a wish on my b'day , i would ve wanted Stone cold steve Austin to kick Mr.McMahon's A$$ - cos i was a wrestling addict when i was a kid :) Also , i wd ve wanted the best cricket player's trump cards that they used to give free when we buy bubble-gum !! Also since i was a real Nerdy guy , i would ve wished to stand First in my class always !! :p

Miss Elle said...

mom of four: o nga noh, sarap mangarap ng ganun. hehe.

kc: know what kc? ive always wished to meet Stone Cold Steve Austin in person. Like i truly was a fan that i'd go home early every thursday and friday just to watch wrestling. *And that's the bottom line, coz Stone Cold said so!*

Hell yeah!!! :p

philos said...

Hmm... did he explain what about chipmunks that made him want to be one? If its the voice you can grant him an inhalation of helium and he'd be fine hehe :p

I don't like wishing for stuff... I don't recall any specific wish, though I imagine when I was a kid I must've wished at least once "sana magkabati na si mama at papa", never happened though.

Miss Elle said...

philos: inspired by Alvin and the Chipmunks. He'd always say that MAJOR ROCKSTAR thing like in that movie. :p

it must have been tough for you as a kid philos...

SlumbeRaja said...

haha... this is really funny...

thanks for visiting my blog...

Miss Elle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Elle said...

thanks slumberaja! :)

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