Philippine All Stars wins 2008 World HipHop Championship

Yes, my friends, Philippine All Stars did it again! They just won the 2008 World HipHop Championship! Yeyy! Another reason for us, Filipinos, to be proud.

Watch their outstanding performance... Mabuhay!

However, such awesome dance moves make me sad in a way. Makes me feel more horrible about myself - I can't sing and I can't dance! Oh well. And worse, it makes me remember all those times when grade school teachers made us dance Backstreet Boys' Get Down and... gosh, the title... err, Tamagotchi? LOL. Ggrrr!

Clip posted by pinoyapparel at YouTube


fab said...

wowwwww amazing video!! thanks for sharing this sis, i love dancing too and i'm a fan of Phil All Stars :) they deserve the win!

KC said...

WOW.. Was that dance or some kinda acrobatic stunt show !!! And LOL.. Guess wat , Even i ve danced for Get down and also the Macarena at middle-school and i totally Sucked :)

Miss Elle said...

fab: bet you're a fab dancer! video! video! hehe. :)

kc: REALLY? ohmigod, i'm so happy, i'm not alone. LOL. Oh yeah of course, the macarena! you too, video! video! Hehe :)

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