Shoot Me If You Can

While I was busy talking with a friend over the phone, a chubby woman arrived at the rooftop. I could hear my nephew asking his friend, "Is that your mom?" Now knowing my nephew to be delectably tactless, fear surged and thump thump went my heart. OH NO... Please don't say she's... please.

Adorable: "She's..." I knew I had to to do something.

Me: "Excuse me for a while (I said to my friend)... Hey! Your err... slippers?"

Adorable: "What about them?"

Me: "Uhmm, nothing..." Then I continued to mumble to myself, "...they're blue."

"You called him to tell him he's slippers are blue???" Oops, my friend was on the line, I forgot. LOL.
From then on, I was half listening to my friend. Suddenly Adorable raised his voice, "You are seven in all?!? Tita!"

Oh no. I am totally effin' freaked out with that look. I. Don't. Like. That. Look. His face projected both excitement and perplexity. Or was it utter disbelief? Seeing his reaction, I knew that it was his first time to meet someone coming from a big family.

Then New Kid's mom approached him. Please don't let him get into trouble, i thought to myself and crossed my fingers.

Adorable: "You have seven children?" . There goes my inquisitive talking-like-all-grown-up sociable buddy.

Woman: "Yeah. Are you with your mom?"

Adorable: "That's my tita (points at me and I smiled). You are like our Princess." He said. Again, with conviction.

Oh no. Effin' no please. I couldn't find the right time to cut in because my friend was venting out some of his grievances at work, which at that very moment I couldn't quite grasp caused by my limited concentration as a result of my mind being fully absorbed in forecasting a mishap that could possibly happen.

Woman: "Princess? Oh, who's Princess?" She looked and sounded so amused.

Adorable: Tita! Tita, she has seven children, just like Princess!

I stood up very scared of the words that might come out of his cute little mouth. He only allowed me a step forward because...

Adorable: "You're like our dog! Really..." *i can't seem to describe the woman's face*

And appearing unsatisfied, he added more insult to the injury. "She has seven puppies too. Just like you..."

Silence. He looks up in the sky as if in a profound insightful thought.

"And I actually thought it can only happen to dogs."

And for the very first time in my life, I was certain and so sure of what I wanted - that is to shoot myself. *kiddin*


philos said...

Hehe... You know what I'd do if that ever happened to me? I'd hide... never mind what he says as long as I don't get blamed for it :p

KC said...

LOL.. I think you can dedicate one whole blog just for your Nephews cute adorable mischiefs ! He reminds me of Dennis the Menace :p

Mom of Four said...

HI there, this blog was so cute, it reminds me of my 6 year old son..YOu know when you want to find out the truth, you ask a child....They can be flat out frank and like what you said, tactless..but, they are smart and very observant..Too bad to the people who get offended. Don't worry, just tell them, you don't know who that child belongs to, ...just kiddin'.

Have a nice weekend!!

Miss Elle said...

philos: that was exactly what i wanted to do - to hide. hehe :p

kc: haha, yeah a menace indeed. he's one cute lil thoughtful boy though. but can sometimes be painfully straightforward. :)

mom of four: haha! nice suggestion mommy. hhmm, next time... LOL. thanks for the visit by the way :)

kaycee said...

Well, kids eh? They're so adorable that they can get away with murder!!! lol =)

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