Obsession Gone Terribly Wrong

~~~ August 10, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

Red Shoes. This has been haunting me even in my dreams. I sooo want to buy a pair of red shoes. Well, I have one but it's a pair you use to run errands and I even have a pair of adorable red flip flops, which caused tremendous envy from friends who sooo want the same. It makes ones feet look more happy (what an adjective huh) to look at. Anway, I want a pair of that image above. I dunno why but it's like a craving. There is a conflict though. I belong to the parsimonious and frugal species. I need to have a sensible and valid reason to buy that because I might die with guilt. Like there are soo many kids who don't own a pair of slippers and I'll be hemorrhaging money for a pair of red shoes, which will be rarely used. :p


Well of course, the Oathtaking! I, Yummy Nurse, will attend the Oathtaking this... err, when is my schedule anyway?

Will worry about that later. What should I wear?

Something white. Pure. Clean. So Nurse. And will surely match with a red pair of shoes! Yeyy! And... finally I can use that red handbag a friend gave me from his trip in Italy. It was a graduation gift by the way. And it's a beauty. So beautiful that I don't want it beside me because it makes me look like a phytoplankton. The more reason that I don't want to mention what bag because then I'll be a fungus.

But I'm still thinking for a match of the red shoes - the red handbag or some cute red nail polish?

I guess it's more pleasing to hear, "Hey, nice bag! Where'd you buy that?" than "hey, nice nail color, covering a pile of dirt underneath it?" But if I choose the bag, it'll perk my friends up and I would be trapped with endless questions. But that sounds great, I am soo in the mood. LOL. I should prepare an answer if they ask who gave it to me. If I tell them it comes from a future criminal lawyer... the more that they'll be strirred up. Why not amuse them with a lie? Something groundbreaking and shocking that would make them stop and drop their jaws.

How about this:

"My newfound uber rich lesbian girlfriend gave it to me and so ready to take me to whatever State that allows Same Sex Marriage... like even tomorrow!"

Or this:

"The most sincere man I've met. He's intelligent, so true, such a gentleman and well, religious. Wanna know more? He's a bishop."

Okay, shoot me. Anyhoo, back to my mascot. I'll match it with the pearl earrings my mom gave me. What do you think? Unfortunately I am not a fan of make-up. I dunno. BUT I'm a sucker for lip gloss and lipstick. And this is sooo timely because I just got my Manhunt Sheer lipstick, which is very red. Well at least now I know what I'll be hunting at the mall tomorrow. Ooh, got a text message. Just another forwarded chain text from a friend, which of course I deleted right away. It said if I ignored it, I'd have bad luck with my love life for seven years. Well, hello world! No worries, won't feel the difference. LOL. Wonder what she'll wear though.

"hey there. wat are u wearin for the oathtaking?"
"Somthin wyt. duh. hehe. nyhoo, chek d site agen 4 d proper attire and venue."

Well of course almost everyone will wear white. Proper attire would be formal - my best guess. Anyway, I hurried myself to check the site and after 5 hours of chatting and blogging, I finally remembered my main purpose of getting online.


My world fell apart right at that very moment when I saw these two: WHITE DUTY SHOES & WITHOUT EARRINGS!!!

No earrings? I mean are they for real? If I won't be allowed to wear earrings, then what are my ears for?!? LOL
Oh dear, so much for THE RED SHOES. Miss Elle is sooo very sad now.

Goodbye red shoes. Goodbye. *sniff sniff* mwah mwah!


kaycee said...

Oh I'm sooo sorry!
But if you really need a reason to buy the red shoes, i'll give you one: it's your gift to yourself for a job well done! Graduating from University is a big thing and deserve a great reward/gift!
And besides, a pair of lovely red shoes is a MUST! I say go for it!! =D

KC said...

Hehe.. What a tragedy Elle ! I feel soooo sorry for u :p Maybe u can try somethin really radical !! How bout u color your Hair Red like some Japanese gal?? You ll be the main attention of the ceremony then :)

Atleast you nurses have to put on the usual uniform ! We engineers should wear those huge black graduation Robes and that Huge Hat ! Hope it looks good on me :p Anyway , our graduation ceremony will be held only late this year..

philos said...

Hmm... better than getting stuck with red tights hehe... Where'd you go to university btw?

Why don't you go with the secret agent, James Bond type, "he told me to specifically wear this red shoes along with this chic red bag so he can spot me via thermal scan because then I'd be scorching hhooot!" :p

Miss Elle said...

kaycee: err, i've already rewarded myself too much. LOL. BUT the last reason you gave is more than enough. hehe. you're sooo right, it's a MUST. gee, thanks for the enlightenment sis. mwah! :)

kc: OMG! That'll be one major reason they wont let me in. but wait, it was not on the list! hehe, too bad i can't. besides, i dont want to be the center of attention. I just want to maintain the simple ordinary me with the red shoes. LOL

philos: you really are witty. hard to believe you're still "sane". :p

whoa, red tights! hehe. thanks for introducing the site, cool!

krisel said...

awww! what a sexy red shoes! i'm so inlove with it!

Miss Elle said...

my dear krisel, you are so right about that! hehe. love at first sight for me. LOL. :p

Anonymous said...

Hey best! Ah yes. Good to know that you haven't changed. :) Anyhoo, you deserve a pair of kick ass red shoes, dahlin'! Consider it as essential for parties and gimmicks. And PART of your womanhood. No woman should ever have to go through her early twenties without a pair of red shoes. Consider it a necessity. I love you! :))

Miss Elle said...

OMG! kimmiedoll, my peace of mind in this sh*tty world. hehe. wow. im glad to know you're so0oo You... and blogging.

and thanks, you're right. of course you are! :p love you too best! :)

gillboard said...

i guess all i have to say is congratulations for being a RN.

Mom of Four said...

First of all, Congratulations!!
I never had a pair of Red Shoes, but the one the picture is so gorgeous. Does it have glitters too? Hehehe, it might fly you out to Kansas City or something..
I love reading your blogs, so humorous..
Have a memorable Oathtaking..Enjoy your day and I believe you will have tons of fun..

Miss Elle said...

gillboard: thanks po! :)

mom of four: i hope so... mom of four doesnt own a pair of red shoes? Ohmigawd, I am not alone. hehe. i guess that means you SHOULD get one too! :p

Mom of Four said...

black, brown, tan,..those are my only shoes..easier to match with anything..red shoes..i feel like it's always valentine's day..hehehe,or para kong raraket sa avenida..(no offense to red shoes owners).. kanya kanya naman ng taste ang tao..

The Fab and The Furious said...

congratulations ms. elle! :) go buy those red shoes, if you want something so bad then don't deprive yourself! that's my motto when i go shopping..and maybe that's also the reason why i'm broke! hahahaha! but kidding aside, you should go buy them na because they will surely add pizzaz to your wardrobe ;)

xoxo ~ Fab

Miss Elle said...

i totally agree with you fab. i could just imagine you wearing a pair of red shoes and dancing (that's your passion right?) --- you must look absolutely fab! :)

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