Registered Yummy Nurse

Certified Yummy Nurse

When PRC released the Nursing Board Exam Result today, it becomes more popular than Paris Hilton and more talked about than the movie The Dark Knight. Now I had gone to my facial center early this evening and my facialist wasn't there anymore. Ok I know there's not much connection but stick around for a little while. My last facial session was 3 months ago and because Nursing Board Exam was such a threat that everyone else seems to hibernate in their own planets filled with both communicable and non-communicable disorders of life, I felt I had to do the same or else I'd be uber abnormal. If there's such a thing.

When the facial was over, I realized I had a lot of missed calls and text messages on my mobile. So what now? What have I missed in just an hour of narcissism?!? They were all greetings of congratulations! I, Miss Elle, am now a Registered Yummy Nurse. Woohoo!

These are quite insignificant things I want to share that I have learned throughout that "Review Era":

  • Don't force yourself to read when you're sleepy. Now not everyone knows that Nursing Books are my sleeping pills especially when it comes to Pharma. So when I start reading drugs and drug interactions, the rest is history. It convinces me that Valium, Lorazepam, Ativan and the likes are indeed potent sedatives - even just by reading them makes me sleep.
  • Never study in bed. Now that's a no-brainer strategy. There's the word never so it must be some absolute rule - that books and bed combo is a no-no. Simple. So I didn't put them together. I had to sacrifice the books. Hellooo, I love my bed!
  • Engage yourself in Group Study. I did and it was fun. Really. I've learned so much from the life of who and the latest what of another who. With tequila in our system, we did the question-and-answer thing. C'mon, we aren't that irresponsible. I went home filled with alcohol, gossip, and the fact that Necrophilia, Thanatophilia, and Necrolagnia are all the same - they all mean sexual attraction or arousal with corpses.
  • Surround your room with papers with bullets of lessons in it. This really was an interesting idea. Finally, I can now unleash the Vincent Van Gogh in me. Hey, before you judge the hell of me, please. If I were to vandalize my room, it has to be one creative graffiti! I bought almost all different color pens available. I want my boring lessons to be stimulating and the time I finished it and had to post everything, it was 2 days before the exam. The next day, by the way, I caught my cute little 7-year-old nephew at my room with crayons at hand and I was like, "Waddaheckareyoudoing?!?" I now have a real graffiti on the wall.
  • Pleasure yourself every once in a while. This is the best lesson I've learned. My most favorite actually. They say that you do something you enjoy and study for like 2-3 hours. So I stay up until 1:00AM watching DVD and spend the next 30 minutes flirting with my notes and another 30 minutes writing whatever in it (sign of me sailing away to dreamland) or when I'm in the mood, coloring it! The rest, like I said, is history. But I can justify this, my friends, as much as I want to bring my book with me in bed, I simply cannot (refer to number 2). And hello again, don't forget Number 1.
There are so many other tips that I've learned, some were the same and some were contradicting. Like a reviewer once said that you should have something to eat (preferably nuts) while reviewing and the book I've read, on the other hand, whispered (yeah, I'm high, euphoric, and in state of grandiosity. LOL) to me that I shouldn't munch anything. So which should I follow? I just go back to the last rule above. I take pleasure in eating. Yup, I'm orally fixated. LOL. Seriously, there were 2 tips I have not failed to instill in me - Positive thinking and Prayer. The two words "I can" are indeed powerful.

Fine. "I can sing like Whitney Houston. I can. I can. I can." Breathe in. Breathe out. Diaphragm, here we go. *I believe the children are our future..." And turning around there's my cute lil nephew standing and asked me, "Who are you talking to?"


Mummy SHENG said...

congrats for passing the board!

my sister took the june board exams and passed like you! i am so happy for her!

what school did you go to, if i may ask?

KC said...

HEyyyy Congratulations !!! You gotta treat me for this !! :) Soo you are now a "Yummy"
nurse ?? (Left Eyebrow Raised) He he.. First explain to me the reason for this strange Adjective !! :)

Why dont we Engineers get an Adjective for us too ??! Like Sexy Engineer, Seductive Engineer , etc ?!! :p

And please dont allow me to guess the reason for that adjective "Yummy" ! You may think that am a Pervert if i start telling my guesses !! he he :p

Anonymous said...

daya, nag take pala sya ng board - you told me di pa.

Hehehe, but anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! Pa burger ka naman.

Miss Elle said...

@ mummy sheng - thanks! i'm also happy for your sister. by the way, my first 2 and a half years were in St. Scholastica at the province and when I had to move here in Manila, I transferred in UDMC (United Doctors). :)

@ kc - i didn't want something ordinary - like Sexy, Hot, Lovely or the conventional adjectives you can label before Nurse. Yummy sounds you know.. yummy! LOL. Seductive Engineer? Now why the heck not? But if I were to pick an adjective - you'd be uhmm, Enticing Engineer! wow. *i can see you smiling kc!* LOL

@blogrebel - Thanks! kaw rin, pa-burger! :)

KC said...

He he.. So that Adjective was a figment of your imagination eh ??! I thought there was really something called Yummy Nurse !! Hehe.. And "Enticing Engineer" !! Hmmmmmmmm.. ::blushes:: :p

philos said...

Wow! Congratulations Nurse Elle :)

Miss Elle said...

thanks philos! just got lucky :)

Jeff said...

Ei, i just read about this now as I was skimming through your blog. Congratulations! So mkakapunta ka na ng Palawan niyan? :)

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