Krista Ranillo: August 2008 FHM Cover Girl

Krista Ranillo:

Good Girl Gone Wild?
A consistent Dean's Lister in Ateneo de Manila University now posing in one of the hottest men's magazines in the Philippines.

I dunno if it's a shame but I really didn't have an idea who this girl was albeit I am familiar with his actor dad, Matt Ranillo. She has been a frequent feature in the news recently due to the conflict she had with her dad regarding this bold move she made. I notice that everytime her dad gets interviewed, it's like he still hasn't absorbed the fact that her daughter accepted such daring offer. I guess it's pretty normal for him to react in such way and I admire him for still respecting Krista's decision. As if there's something he could do about it. LOL.

Setting aside my empathy for her dad, I think it's pretty courageous of her. Besides, she's got the body. Why the hell not? She may not be as jaw-dropping as Ms. Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles but at least her cover on the mag isn't as lousy as that of Priscilla's in the premiere issue of Playboy mag. Hehe. IMO.

What's the difference?

Err, cleavage? LOL. *kiddin*


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