10 Random Facts About Me - tagged

10 Random Facts about me... Well, thanks to KC for this. Hehe. Now he has given me a problem because really, the post that I had the most difficult time creating was actually my entry "10 THINGS ABOUT ME". However, let's stick on the brighter side - this is actually fun. Now I have more reasons to rant, rant, and rant. Just hoping this will turn out right - with me writing sensible facts here, which I am 99.9% certain soo unlikely. That wouldn't be a fact about me. LOL.

I'm tagging Paper Tilapia, Bloggista and Eugene by the way. Have to tag this early because I might forget later caused by too much babbling.

  1. I don't know how to cook. On the second thought, I can - fry eggs, luncheon meat, and hotdogs.
  2. I can live by noodles alone. I can only surmise renal failure won't make me live that long.
  3. I like annoying people. I hate it though when somenoe annoys me.
  4. I am sarcastic and cynical especially when it comes to what they call love. In fact, I am pretty skeptical to the saying "Within the body of every cynic beats the broken heart of a romantic." LOL
  5. I love dogs. Despite the fact that I got bitten twice already.
  6. I am a follower of justice. Talking about hypocrisy huh (kindly see number 3).
  7. I make scrumptious Blueberry Cheesecake. However, for me to ingest what I have just made, I have to take off the blueberry top.
  8. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. And I guess a good candidate for Master of Arts in Nursing. Only that I haven't learned yet the art of loving it.
  9. I have no problem doing simple household chores. But I have a HUGE problem when I'm told to do so. Pretty universal - I do things when I WANT to and not when I'm ASKED to.
  10. I am a dreamer by day and blogger at night. I don't want to end this, really, but


KC said...

You have left out an important fact !!

Fact 11 : Your English is soooo damn good !!! :) Your vocabulary and your use of words is damn Kool !! :)

And one more.. Your sense of humour is good too ! A bit sarcastic - a bit slapstick !! The perfect combo !! :)

Miss Elle said...

Thanks KC! I didn't know I have a slight touch of humor. Yeah, I'm sarcastic but slapstick? have tried searching the microscopic webster in me but the only image I could see is chopstick. LOL. sarcastic, slapstick, lipstick, chopstick - yeah you can well summarize me with those four words. hahaha :)

KC said...

Oooooh.. That was Drastic-k !! :p He he.. Don dig deep into this ! Jus another Lame joke :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh, kasama pala ako dito. Hehhe.

Miss Elle said...

blogrebel, yeah of course i tagged you. siopao ka eh. LOL

philos said...

Haha... and there I thought you like annoying people hehe

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