Original Sin

Original Sin (2001)
a Michael Cristofer film
Antonio Banderas (
Luis Vargas)
Angelina Jolie (
Julia Russell)

"No this is not a love story, but it is a story about love. About those who give in to it, and the price they pay. And those who run away from it, because they are afraid, or because they do not believe they're worthy of it. She ran. He gave in."

This film was shown when I was in Sophomore and I guess it was a reason I could not rent a copy of this and watch at home because of its infamous sensual scenes. Last week, my girlfriends and I had a get-together - DVD marathon with lots of unhealthy edible high-caloric foods. A friend brought a copy of this with the knowledge that it was something we'd be giggling about. Raised by conservative families and studied in strict Catholic institutions, yes, we still felt like high school students. Oh well you know, skipping to the "scene" already and even make a rewind of it. LOL. *just kidding* But be real, you must have done it for once in your life. Don't be shy and never deny... If not, then for your sake, do it even just for once in your life! Hehe. Unless of course you're already watching a film full of it, like no story or anything. LOL. Now, that's the one I haven't tried watching yet. *promise! cross my heart* Let me omit the "dying thing" on that mantra. I'm too young to die! Seriously, this was not the usual naughty flick like American Pie or Euro Trip. This was far more serious and dramatic than we expected and instead of replacing it with another film, we decided to just watch it until the end.

This story was about Luis Vargas, a successful businessman, marrying Julia Russell and falling passionately in love with her. While she, on the other hand, was holding herself back from the possibility of reciprocating the same. With a wicked clandestine, she was driven to please Luis with her carnal prowess. His trust was betrayed when he found out that Julia was not the real Julia Russell after all. And worse, he discovered the hidden agenda - running away with nearly all his fortune with her.

"She never was here. You were married to a dream. A dream that stole your soul. God must have been angry with you the day he let you look in that woman's face."

Infuriated by the iniquitous deception, he collaborated with Walter, a detective, to find her and held with him an intention to kill her. But when he did find her, she told him the truth - that her real name is Bonny Castle and that she was working with Walter. Engulfed by his deep longing for her, he welcomed her back and even showed her a promising future with him.

"Whore! Liar! Thief! Don't you see? Don't you see that I cannot breathe without you? I cannot live without you? Don't you see that? Don't you see how much I love you?"

Albeit not driven as before and confused by her unacknowledged emotions, she still worked with Walter to pursue their plan because his control over her was too overwhelming. Luis later on discovered the infidelity of Julia and the vicious plan to poison him.

Luis: Laugh when I tell you that I still love you.
: No, not me. You don't love me.
: Oh yes. Oh yes. Yes, you. Not Julia Russell, not Bonny Castle. You. I love you as I know you. Because I know you. As you are. Good and bad. Better and worse. I told you this already, but you didn't believe me. Tonight you will. To us. A short life but an exciting life.
*drinks cup with poison*
: Don't do that.
: No other one. No other love but you. From first to last. Start to finish. Don't change, Julia. Don't ever change.

"And perhaps later on I will tell you the story of how we came to be here. It is an interesting tale. Some of it is even true. But for now, I can say that from the moment I saw her, I loved her. And no matter the price, you cannot walk away from love."


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