UST Scandal: My Humiliating Experience

UST Scandal:

My Humiliating Experience

Now I didn't have any idea about what happened that night and my sister was neither aware that she just actually downloaded a virus that would cause me humiliating experiences - one scary-turned-funny and the other put me in a compromising situation.

I was at the living room with our pet shih tzu and her 7 cuddly puppies when I opened the computer to initiate the transfer of files to my flash drive. Prior to that, a self-confessed addict of the cyber space, I couldn't help but check first my email, blog and even my YM. This is how it all started. I buzzed a friend of mine whom I haven't seen and talked to in years and stood up to get a glass of water. Then I went back and before I could sit, I found myself unable to do so. I was paralyzed with overwhelming fear when I saw the computer typing on its own. I know this is when I'm supposed to drop the glass of water caused by the shock. But fortunately, I was still in control and held it close. I took a step back and was scared to take a look around because I might see something that would just really make me drop the water I was holding and cause a commotion around the house. It was around 2:30 AM. I took a seat at the sofa and closed my eyes and must have said, "Oh sh*t" to the 20th power. Opening my eyes was the last thing on my mind. And while I was looking like who was in deep meditation with a litany of "Oh f*ck and Sh*t", the scary story of "the Caretaker" kept flashing back in my sooo friendly memory.

While I was sitting, I pretty much accustomed myself to the conviction to NEVER OPEN MY EYES. Until I felt a cold hand that touched me and said something like, "Are you asle...?" I opened my eyes and saw what exactly what my friendly memory was imagining - a Chinese kid like the one in Ju-on or The Grudge. Of course this had caused the expected reaction - a deafening scream that must have damaged my larynx. Unlike in the movies, the kid screamed with me. To aggravate the scandalous noise we were creating, our pet shi tzu joined us. No, she didn't scream. She did what a normal dog usually sounds. Hehe. We were all powerful that we could've resurrected the dead. It did wake up everyone in the house... and the black-belter karate instructor who lives next door. With him was a bat because he thought we were being intruded. LOL.

The most humiliating here is the explaining part I had to do. And much worse, everyone in the house looked at me and were all laughing. Not just by the pale and very much scared face I had but because my bottom PJ was all wet. They can't be thinking that I...?!? What the --.

My nephew and I suffered from hoarseness of voice the next day. And I was the joke to everyone. I did not pee! I spilled the water from the glass! You actually thought I did huh. And still believe so. Oh well. Life is really fun that way. Hehe.


bloggista said...

Nyahahahahahaha. Can't say any word - just, nyahahahahaha. Uhm, seriously, i think its, nyahahahahaha. 2:30 am and you're still up blogging?

Miss Elle said...

You aren't that happy, are you mr. bloggista. LOL. i was up multitasking. ehehe.

KC said...

Laughing My A$$ Off !!!! :p To you, the poor kid looked like the kid from Ju on - I Think for him , U wd have looked like Samara from Ringu !! he he :p

Miss Elle said...

kc! hahaha. yeah i guess you're right. i must have looked like samara. poor kid. :p

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