A Moment To Remember

A Moment To Remember (2004)
a John H. Lee film
Choi Chol-Soo (Jung Woo-Sung)
Kim Su Jin (Son Ye-Jin)

"Being able to forget easily is a gift."

That was the sensible response of Kim Su Jin's father after she asked him why he forgives her easily despite the numerous times she disappointed them. Attempting to abscond with a married man was an absolute faux pas that could've put her family's name in disgrace and yet they still welcomed her with open arms - a prodigal daughter that she is.

She later fell in love with the manly and volatile Choi Chol-Soo who happened to be the foreman of her father's construction business. Without enough income and good family backfround to tell were enough reasons for her father's disapproval of the relationship.

With no father, Choi Chol-Soo was abandoned by his mother when still an infant. His brusque attitude and stern look was caused by too much hatred and angst in his heart. He was filled with resentment towards his mother and of the unkind world - of his ill and unjust fate.

"There's an eraser in my head."

It was one of Su Jin's funny remarks. The "eraser" here was the progressive degenerative brain disease, which is Alzheimer's. Her condition began to worsen - getting lost, looking for Choi Chol-Soo inside the refrigerator, leaves the gloves inside and tried looking outside forgetting that he was just actually sitting on the sofa behind her. The most tearjerker part here, I guess, was when the only memory she could hold on to was her love affair with her married ex-boyfriend, which left her husband, Choi Chol-Soo, devastated and perplexed. It was a battle that he had to endure despite the uncertainty of whom she truly loved.

It tells a story of a young couple very much in love and filled with contentment having each other but later challenged with the trial of fighting the gradual inevitable loss of Su Jin's memory caused by dementia.


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