Claudine Barretto vs. Angel Locsin

Claudine Barretto and Angel Locsin

I know I'm a bit late with this news and in fact, I don't want to write this one. But after hearing and reading a lot of opinions regarding this "confrontation" that happened between them, I guess it won't hurt to convey my say on this. Not that it matters. LOL

What really happened? Only the people inside the room could tell - the hairstylists, the staff there, and of course, them. Many stories have come into surface - stories that I guess circulated by the fans themselves just to save their respective heroine from the villain. Because really, no one has talked who is who of those two.

"Angel was already there with her sister when Claudine arrived and approached her for "beso-beso". Everyone's eyes were really on them because obviously, they are stars who were formerly on a competition for TV ratings due to the clashing of two leading TV networks. They seem to be fine, which everyone had noticed. Their conversation was barely audible to the rest but they could hear names mentioned by both celebs. It was when Claudine asked if it's true that Malou Santos, a top executive of ABS, would now manage her and replace her current manager, Becky Aguila, that things went sour. Angel did not answer and pretended to be busy with her mobile. Claudine then went outside to smoke and was followed momentarily by Angel but quickly returned. She then kept naming stars of ABS who doesn't like her, which was overheard by Clau. This now caused the scandalous "pangangaral" of Claudine - causing her to yell, "Don't make a scene here. There must be something wrong with you dahil ikaw na mismo ang nagsasabing maraming may ayaw sayo sa network." and telling her things about "pakikisama" while Angel was crying."

This was never featured in the news or even in Showbiz Talk Shows. Why? Because that's what ABS-CBN is good at - covering things up. In fact, not everyone is aware of this issue due to the news blackout implemented by the network. Angel and her manager was supposed to release a statement but were ceased by the execs. This issue could have hushed down earlier if only Gretchen did not make statements that are soo "headliners". LOL. But also, that's what she's good at - making the headlines and be a scene stealer. When asked what she'll say if she encounters Angel, "Ayoko baka api-apihin nya ko at sigaw-sigawan" was her answer. She really is something.

What's my say? Nothing really. LOL. Because it really doesn't matter. As much as I want to know what really happened there like everyone else and as much as I hate ABS for not being generous enough to allow the juicy details to come out, I still think the network is doing the right thing. Business is still business. You can't take such risk considering the timing - this happened when Lobo was on its near end while Claudine's soap opera was on its height of promotion. So then I guess I would do the same - keep them mum, choose a talent, make an issue about him/her (gay if it's him and pregnant if it's her or breakup if it's him and her. LOL) until the Claudine-Angel thing dies, then voila! Time to give the "chosen" talent a chance to clean his/her name. ABS is good at that dba. I guess Pres. GMA got that ploy from them. LOL.


Anonymous said...

hi! i accidentally saw this entry and nareminisce ko lang what happened that late afternoon.

I know that this issue has been laid to rest by both camps but for people, like me, who knows something about the REAL thing that happened, parang ang UNFAIR that the truth didn't come out.

Yes. It is true that Claudine asked angel if totoo na Malou Santos has replaced Becky as angel's manager and hindi nakasagot si angel. Okey na ang usapan nila pareho and both decided na they'll meet AGAIN para mag-usap.

it was a very long story. nyways, angel called Piolo for help but he refused to help her.

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