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10 Things About Me

  • I am a Virgin Blogger. And that's why I'm having an effin' hard time starting this one. But I got this quite unique idea that to start one, I should begin by posting my first entry. Inspirational thought isn't it. LOL
  • I love to read a lot. From John Grisham and Barbara Kozier to Nutritional Facts of every junk food and soda I ingest.
  • I am not a writer. More of a wannabe. It shows.
  • I hate numbers. Just like oil and water, we can't mix. Well, I can do the basics. Like counting. Haha. But when x to the nth power comes into the picture, a dose of Ergotamine Tartrate must be at reach. However, there is an exception with this abhorrence towards numbers - when expressed in monetary unit, no problem.
  • I come from the pauper class, the poor us, of the society. My not-so-happy piggybank is not as prolific as bacteria or in other words, not in TNTC or Too Numerous Too Count status.
  • I love music. But then I am Mumble. Well, I can sing. Everybody can. But let's put it this way, I'd give away my legs and have a tail instead just to be able to get the first note right. the moment I start to "sing", mom would be like, "Poor child..."
Take note: Mothers are supposed to say positive things to and about you. So, this is how worse I am. For a more vivid picture - a nightingale with laryngeal cancer.

  • My current weight as of now (July 15, 2008 9:34 AM Manila Time) is:
*gets the weighing scale and asks our yaya to read it for me* --- 86 lbs!

  • I don't have an eating disorder. Not anorexic and definitely not bulimic. And please don't envision the wrong image of me being an ectomorph because I am chubby and also wondering - why is my weight low? The secret --- my irreplaceable dysfunctional weighing scale! Lol.
  • I have pretty (they say. *wink wink*) bilateral myopic eyes. That's why I had to ask our yaya to read it for me (see above. lol). I wear red spectacles Not All The Time - the etiology of wrong choice of guys Most Of The Time.
  • I am now in the process of learning to become more unafraid of failure.
Why Samar Duchess?

I come from the province of Samar in the Philippines. I would've wanted the name Samar Girl, however, I've tried searching it over Google and was surprised with the top entry on the first page. "Samar Girls" exist and such domain contains pictures of girls from Samar longing to meet, I guess, their Mr. Right. Well, it is indicated in their description. Hehe. Samar woman doesn't sound good to me. Duchess. It just popped into my head - like a bulb. Hehe. I dunno. I guess princess or queen are overrated. LOL. *just kiddin*

SAMAR - "Night Talk" in Arabic


Mom of Four said...

HI there, I hope you don't mind me invading your privacy.. I guess, these 10 things about you were posted here for a reason. So that we can know you better and that's what I do. I want to know the person I am communicating with. You are a very intellectual individual. Your choice of words were so rich and your vocabulary is way beyond my reach, hahaha! I had to get my Webster dictionary to look for some words that I have never encountered before...
Anyways..I would like to thank you for visiting my Blog site, for reading my posts ( I am no writer and so, I try to be funny, I think, the more funny you are, the more readers you get..)Put a little humor, and it will become a little interesting to read..Don't you think?
Have a wonderful day to you...

Miss Elle said...

Hi there mommy! wow. well, what can i say? thanks for invading my privacy! Hehe. But thank you, really. I appreciate your visit and for the time reading my blog. THANKS! mwah :)

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