Manny Pacquaio for Congressman in 2010?

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, who recently dethroned David "Dangerous" Diaz, had confirmed in an interview that yes, he will run AGAIN for Congress in 2010.

I confess. That I used to despise this guy due to the pompous aura that he exudes, especially when he talks. Prior to the David Diaz fight, I watched one of his numerous interviews wherein he mentioned that the fight would be dedicated to the victims of typhoon Frank (or Fengshen). Hhmm, do I smell politics here? I thought to myself. I dunno what the heck happened but there was this change of heart. Hehe. I told myself, "Why not like him? Just for now." So I tried and even placed a bet for the Pambansang Kamao. Needless to mention but yes, I earned money. Sorry, I'm not setting a good example here but c'mon, I earned some moolah - to the 3rd effin' power! LOL.

So when I heard that he actually went to Iloilo, with his wife, to distribute some relief goods and fulfill his promise to donate P1.5 million, I was very much impressed with the munificent act. Now I guess I'll continue to be his fan.

However, if he does pursue his plan to run in 2010, there's a big probability that I'm going back to "Manny-haters Club". LOL. Ok, now I may be an evil to some here because this is like loathing a hero - the Filipino pride. Not that my support really matters especially that I'm not a resident of Gen. San. Hehe. But my admiration for him would I guess remain on that sense - of him being a boxer who makes the whole nation proud. His "benevolent" intention to help the people, particularly the underprivileged, sounds pleasing but look at him now - extending his generosity without the Congressman labeled before his name. Albeit a customary reason like "I want to help more" is considerable (but with a minimum effect for me), take it from the cliche that there are some things not for you. I am not undermining his abilities to lead... fine, I may sound discriminating but I guess it would be safe to say that it's better left in the hands of someone who's much better or actually might be the best one for the position.

If he fights again inside the boxing ring, yes I'll be on his side. But if he runs for Congress, then hell no. Ok ok. I'm not a Gen. San. resident. Hehe. Still, I abhor, detest, despise, loathe that idea. IMO.


Satheesh KC said...
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KC said...

LOL , I read thru the entire post without knowing who this guy Manny was !! :p Only in the last paragraph i came to know that hes a Filipino Boxer :)

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