Topless Phoemela Barranda on Maxim Magazine

Phoemela Barranda

August 2008 Maxim Cover Girl

Wow. Just wow. Bamboo member Ira Cruz must be so proud of his girl. If they're still together that is. Not updated. Hehe. This isn't a suprise though for this model-turned-host to pose in men's magazine but I did not expect a topless cover of her!

Phoemela Barranda, a mainstay of TV Patrol, was a former co-host of Extra Challenge (reality show) in GMA but was terminated after found guilty of smoking marijuana during a taping in Sagada. However, it was something that Phoemela consistently denied and claimed that she was sleeping when the incident happened. She later came out in The Buzz, where she co-hosts at the present, and said that she was singled out by GMA News and Public Affairs. This was clarified by GMA through an official statement saying that there was no truth to the claims of Phoemela. Oh well, that's the past. Albeit I, too, agree with GMA's decision and their reason - that they do not tolerate use of illegal substance.

Anyway, this was like 3 or 4 years ago? So past is past. That is IF smoking pot is really a past to her now. Still, I think her cover is nothing but HOTNESS.


KC said...

Oooooooo !! Its gettin HOT in here !! :p He he.. You stop only with the Magazine "Covers" alone - or get a peek into the mag as well ??! he he :p

I dont know when these kinda mags will come to India ! :p Now , anythin such as these are punishable as crime ! :)

Miss Elle said...

hi kc. err, i only entertain myself with the covers. what else do we expect with its content right. hehe.

hey, you mean these aren't allowed there? wow, now that's something i've learned today. thanks for sharing that info my friend. :)

gillboard said...

not much into phoem... she's pretty, but too thin for my taste...

on the other hand, krista... hmmm... litrato pa lang ulam na... hahaha

Miss Elle said...

hahaha... bad. :) pero oo nga noh, sexy ni krista sa cover nya. naku, tibo mode ba? *kiddin*

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