On The Verge of Collapse and...Take Benadryl?

~~~ August 10, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

I woke up at 2:13AM and couldn't get back to sleep. So what else do I do when there's nothing else to do? Blog hopping! At 6:00AM, my mobile was beeping. A reminder - PRC sked! Ohmiholycow. I couldn't move because my world was on vertigo of madness. I felt sick.

But I had to move my ass and go to PRC so I could apply for my Professional License. I got there by 10:23AM and sadly, I forgot about breakfast. The line was oh so0o totally effin' endless. And the heat... my gawd! Effin' tewwible.

The hottest box office there was the Cashier's booth. WOW. Just effin' wow. At 11:47, I was already 5th in line ---> 4th ---> 3rd ---> STUPID LUNCHBREAK. $#%$%!!!!!

Lack of sleep. Prolonged standing. Tummy on an turmoil. Dehydrated. I felt I was going to collapse. But then I didn't mind. Like hello, I was surrounded by doctors, nurses, and soon-to-be-nurses. Just imagine if they found me in a state like this:

But hey. I have Maxx Red candies. My lifesavers for the day!

1:50PM. Finally. My last stop - the signing churva. Then I saw a somewhat familiar guy who waved and approached me. We aren't really close but let's say I was one of the people who searched his name and was happy he's one of those who passed. Because he was a self-confessed suicidal - left by his girlfriend of 8 years for another man a week before the Board Exam. Howwible! Let's just say we have a common friend who's such a big mouth for everyone in the group to know the tragic story. I must say he looked better than when I last saw him two months ago.

In summary. The line was long that it really gave the time for me to know more about him. He dropped me home because he knew where I lived. That was probably because he was staring at the form I was filling up while waiting for me. Cheater! LOL. He actually invited me for a coffee but...

ME: Oh. But i really am tired... holistically. Sorry...

Him: No. It's okay... You really are weird, like you really have a hard time sleeping?

ME: Like yeah.

Him: Well... you know... during THAT time... I couldn't sleep too. But I found the secret... *cute laugh while driving*

ME: Secret? Oh... don't tell me... valium? lorazepam?

Him: No. BENADRYL. Try it. Really! I'm serious.

LOL. It truly made me laugh especially with the confused look on his face.

ME: It's nothing. Reminded me of something.

Well. You all know I was reminded of Ben. Who in the effin' hell is Ben anyway?!? Ben is that guy who stood me up. Ben is an Elle Word taken from the word Benadryl. From now on, we'll call him Ben. Officially. I wanted to tell him the story how I got stood up because of that effin' Benadryl but I changed my mind. According to Ben who sounded "apologetic" in his text last week, he got beaten up by your comments guys. Yes, he actually reads used to read my blog.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

applying for a license? board din? nakakahimatay talaga ang PRC obvious naman sa mga post ko nitong nakakaraan diba? bute di ka namatay. in fairness nakakatulog ang benadryl, side effect eh. at si ben. aswang siya.

Miss Elle said...

@dudas-legales: thanks for the visit. will surely check that one out.

PM: already took the Board last June sis. :) bute nga talaga di ako namatay. ehehehe. :p

HBK said...

KC din show up for the date we planned yesterday !! Think he tooo had Benadryl !! Boooo hoooo.. Whamm whammm :'(

bloggista said...

What happened to guys lately? all they think about is taking benadryl and missed a hell lot of fun. bugger

philos said...

That's why I take Loratadine :p As for the last comment (bout ben), good.

Miss Elle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Elle said...

hbk: oh dear, that is so0o sad. didn't know KC can be that rude. KC is reading too much blogs just like children watching too much TV. LOL. but i feel for you girl.

KC: hope you read this --- boohooo!!! :p

bloggista: like what i said to hbk, guys must be reading too much blogs. Hehehe. Now its my fault for giving these guys such idea. or Ben's??? :p

philos: hope it reaches out to other guys attempting to use that stupid benadryl excuse. hehe. thanks philos. :)

LZ said...

u x feeling well? u gotta take good care of urself ya my dear..

pity that guy..i misread it as 'gf of 8 yrs left him for a man of 1 week'.. if that's so, he's really really pity..luckily not!

KC said...

Hail Benadryl !!! Its the Elixir of life !!

Hahahahahahaaa !!! YEahhhh ! You ppl don know about mee ! Am soooo Rudeee !! After Joker , Am the Next big villain !!! Am "Benadryl-Man" !!! :p Mr.Ben is my side-kick !! :p I screwded hbk cos she tried to screw me - Goin to all my fellow bloggers c-boxes and typing indecent msgs !! She deserves it !

HBK said...

Huhuhuh.. Whaamm.. KC has turned into a maniac !! :( All cos of Benadryl :(

kimmie said...

OMG I still use Benadryl/Claritin at times to help me sleep. :P ANYWAYS, HAHAHAHA. It's good that ass reads your blog. Beh buti nga.

Jeff said...

hello, Miss Elle, I really enjoy reading your posts. Your day to day stories are engaging and entertaining. I definitely am gonna visit here regularly :)

Mom of Four said...

Benadryl...it keeps chasing you huh..Both guys use that kind of MEDS? Hmm..freaky..Hehehe, beware of these men, you might get stood up again...
Anyways, I can imagine how terrible you looked while standing in line..sweaty, hungry, annoyed, kakasira ba ng poise? Buti na lang dito, maghintay man ng matagal, air conditioned at may chair para pd kahit naka dekwatro kang naghihintay..oh di ba?

Miss Elle said...

lz: guess so. thanks dear. i surely will. i laughed on that 2nd comment. :)

kc: hey mister. hbk is really a nice and smart gal you know. it would be such a great loss on your part. better check the dosage of that benadryl you're takin, must be gettin into your brain. LOL. by the way i lurve that 'Mr. Ben' thing. :p

hbk: i can see. he's addicted to it. he must get into rehab. like immediately. watcha think girl?

kimmie: dont know what else to say but HAHAHAHA! :p

jeff: thanks jeff. i, too, am a frequent visitor of your blog. :)

mom of four: korek ka sister, nakakawala talaga ng poise. hehe. by the way, glad to have you back. weee :)

KC said...

Sorry for those comments ! I was high on Benadryl at that time !! he he he :p

kaycee said...

Very well done for surviving PRC!!!
Looks like Benadryl is haunting you!!! Hahaha!!
It doesn't really work on my insomnia but I suppose it works for some people, lol!

Miss Elle said...

KC: yeah, everyone could see that. LOL. but kc you know what, you're much cooler and makes more sense when youre high on benadryl. LOL :p

kaycee: welcome back sis. thanks for the time... can see you're pretty busy lately... yeah, that benadryl. maybe i should try that one out, maybe it'll work for me. :p

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