My Brain Needs Some Scanning?

~~~ August 30, 2008 Diary Entry of The Noble and The Nonsense, herself, Miss Elle ~~~

How do I say this?

Oh well. Here it goes. Ben has a girlfriend. Actually. Gahd. How can he be so0o stupid? How can I be soo so0o... anyway.

Never mind. Just get over it. But he is such an effin' jerk who for the love of Pete Jose Toto should never ever show his face again or else I'd wring his... OMG. "What happened to your face?" I asked my sister who just got out of her room looking like someone who'd undergone a Botox treatment and Lip Enhancement that went totally wrong.

"Hone has." Just when did she learn to speak whatever that language is? Well it would be difficult to type here how she said it but it was totally like my BFF Kimmie's situation recently. Only that my sister was being attacked, this time severely, by her allergy. I wish I could say that she's got swollen lips but no... it was her entire face! Poor her.

Anyh0o, she asked for a favor - to buy her an antihistamine and I was like, "Sure. But i would never ever ever buy Benadryl!"

"Waah?" That's all she could manage to say, which I could assume as an expression of confusion. I couldn't tell by her facial reaction. Sadly.

So I went to the mall with Big Sister's task. I love the mall especially when I'm feeling down. Why am I feeling down again? Oh. That stupid jerk. Ben. Ugh! Gahd! I swear... I totally swear... that spag top certainly looks fab! I went in to have a fit and yeah, ended up buying it. Maybe I could wear this on Mina's birthday. Or THE day when I hand the .45 gun to my "other" BFF bloggista and watch him shoot... Sale on National Bookstore!!!

Oh boy, do I feel good! I went home feeling a lot better with a new silk bronze spag top and 11 books with me including my very first book of Haruki Murakami (Kafka on the Shore).

Until I saw my sister's swollen face looking at me as if I have with me the cure for AIDS. Ohmigahdohmigahd. Ohmigahd.

Did I just forget to buy her Claritin? Why for the love of Toto did I forget the very reason I had to go to the mall?!? Why? *sigh*


Mom of Four said...

Spag strap can do that you know? make you forget things, especially if it looks perfect on you...Also, when your mind is floating somewhere else, like..Ben having a will forget your swollen -faced sister...
I used to have bad allergies,
swollen lips, eyes and cheeks. BENADRYL works the best, hehehe...
Enjoy your top, and your books..

Anonymous said...

happy that you were able to forget about the jerk. shopping is really great company. and how's your sister? is she okay now? kwentuhan mo kami sa mga nabasa mo sa books mo ha!

Jeff said...

Oh, your poor sister. I hope she gets better soon.

About Ben, at least you found out before it was too late.

Have a nice week ahead of you.

Miss Elle said...

mom of four: yeah the spag helped. actually my sister still goes for benadryl. hehe.

PM: daming kwento nun. pero kung may panahon, bakit hindi. ikwento ko sa inyo bawat libro sa isang sentence lamang. hehe.

jeff: hehe. yeah i guess. my sister is fine now. thanks jeff. :)

kaycee said...

Hahaha! that's funny! But don't worry that happens a lot to me (my mind's like a sieve whenever I'm shopping!!)
Hope you're sister is feeling better...

eugene said...

hope your sister is doing fine now

Miss Elle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Elle said...

kaycee: thanks! at least you made me feel normal. hehehe. :)

eugene: hey there brother. thanks, you've always been such a good friend here in the blogosphere. thanks :)

bobang pinay said...

hehehehe! salbahe! nakakita lang ng mall nakalimutan na yung responsibilidad as big sister tsk tsk tsk..sabagay ganyan din ako.

Sam said...

Ms Elle talaga... Kalimutan ba ang lahat dahil sa shopping. hehehe

That's okay!!! It's part of loving yourself. Hahaha

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LZ said...

hmm..i dont know who ben is (sorry dint really follow your blog these few days), hope you are feeling better now.

take care ya miss elle darling!

philos said...

Wow! Ben sure needs a reason to have a swollen face, and I'm not talking about allergy either. Of course, I can imagine one developing an allergy from my fist.

I hope your sister's better though. Me, I always have a stock of antihistamine at home--I have allergic rhinitis, and it can really get the best of you sometimes.

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