Riding in Car with Boys

Since my Adorable nephew didn't get a turtle and we he has grown tired waiting for him to wake up and become a chipmunk, he finally expressed his yearning for something that is feasible - a pug. For weeks now, we have been roaming around the city at night going to the indicated addresses of sellers to find the perfect female pug.

We were in a commotion inside the car last night due to conflicting taste of music of these two "grown-up" boys with us. Shawn (older) likes something alternative while Sean (adorably annoying) loves RnB. So the final decision was on my sister (their mom) and she intentionally picked those tracks sung by female popstars because mind you, these boys are into that "Ewww. That's for girls..." phase.

Christina Aguilera's Come on Over track and Sean was already fuming beside me. I ignored him. I hate tantrums unless it's me throwing them. LOL.


Fighter by Christina Aguilera again. I hope you're familar with the song though. Because obviously it isn't a love song. It's more of an expressed anger or outrage of someone betrayed and I actually loved the way Christina Aguilera sang it. So powerful and so...

Sean suddenly put his head on my shoulder.

ME: Are you sleepy?

Sean: No. The song... I don't like it.

I was just silent.

Makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
Makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter
Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter

Sean: I feel like crying.

ME: Why?

Sean: The song... *rubs his eyes* It reminds me of Rufus...

*Rufus is one of the seven puppies of our shih tzu here and his most favorite one but unfortunately it was bought last week.*

ME: Well we're having a pug. Choose a name now if I were you so then we'll know what to call her once she hops here in with us.

Sean: I have already thought of that. SNOW WHITE.

ME: Snow White? Is this her name for tonight? I bet that by tomorrow she'll be Fiona or Bea (his crush) again.

Sean: NO. It'll always be her name. SNOW WHITE. Promise!

Well. Owwwkaaay... Say hello to Snow White.


Jeff said...

Hello, Snow White! :)

Anonymous said...

wow. welcome snow white! nakakatuwa naman ang bata, naiiyak siya sa pag alala sa dating dog. very sweet.

Miss Elle said...

jeff: hehe. kakatuwa noh, black na black si snow white.

PM: oo nga eh kaso weird nga lang. he was reminded by that song Fighter. hehe. but yes, very sweet. :)

eunice said...

YEAH!! HAHA! Finally notice the nice balloon comment to click on!

Er, this little grey puppy is now called Snow White? Kekeke Hello Snow White!

-=May=- said...

hehe. nice choice of dog. your nephew is such a darling. :) thanks for dropping by anyhow in my blog... :) say hi to snow white for me

Mom of Four said...

Just for clarification, thought you have 7 puppies (6 now I think) why did you need to get another one? They want a different breed huh..
Well, welcome to the blog world SNOW WHITE!!! (nai blog na agad eh noh??)

Miss Elle said...

eunice and may: thanks! hehe :)

mom of four: yeah. he just wants a pug. yan na yung bday gift nya kasi di naman daw pwede turtle. hehe :p

KC said...

He he.. This is THE Height of Irony !!! :) And Ur cousins don like Aguilera ?! He he.. She was one of my favts ever since "Genie in a bottle" - And her like her "Videos" more than her songs :p

KC said...

I meant - I like her "Videos" more than her songs :p

Miss Elle said...

kc, hbk might feel bad bout that. hehe. i love her too. yeah, you can watch her videos in mute. LOL. we like her because Christina, britney, jessica and mandy happened on our time, not theirs. hehe. besides, they're in that stage when they abhor anything that's girl stuff. :p

Kimmie said...

Haha! Girls have cooties for them at this age, eh? I wanna see themmmmmm.

PS: I thought of an idea to make you stay longer here in Tacloban

Cooking and driving lessons! YEY

Wait, can you drive already? Coz I def can't! And we can do baking, too! :D :D :D :D

Miss Elle said...

they love samar but that was because mama and papa were spoiling them there. haha.

have tried baking lesson summer of last year but i got bored. LOL. my classmates were accountants/mothers. was probably the youngest. oh no, some brought their youngsters with them. hehe.

but i love the idea of taking up cooking lessons. sometimes taking up culinary arts crosses my mind but its kinda expensive for me - i dont have P2M. LOL.

i have a license but i dunno yet how to drive. jake kept promising he'd teach me but he never did. huhuhu. but i miss him. how bout yer boyfie? :p

philos said...

I think Snowhite's really cute... a bit scared by the looks of him, but I'll be scared of Sean too if I was that small hehe... Hope they're getting along fine :)

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