This blog is currently being hijacked. Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt. Everyone just stay calm.

Miss Elle is currently being held against her will. If she's lucky, I might let her *and her blog* go.

*evil laugh goes here*


*insert evil music here with matching evil laugh in the background here*


I apologize for the uber cheesy post. I couldn't help it! Hehe. :) Hi guys, I'm Kimmie; the blogger behind Blasphemous Epiphanies. Miss Elle has decided to join the Peace Corps and save the world from hunger, so she can't come to the computer right now. For the meantime, I'll be taking down messages for her and will be "guest" blogger.

This is insanely HUGE shoes to fill since we all know how great of a writer she was, so I hope you guys bear with me.

We're going to have so much fun! YEY!


bloggista said...

What happened to Ms Elle? DOwn on Benadryl?

Miss Elle said...

Bloggista: Something like that! Hehehehe. :P

KC said...

Is she on Benadryl or is she after Ben ?? :p he he he !!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! really? this is one helluva news. a blog being hijacked. thought it's a kidnap for ransom case at first but ive read she joind d peace corps. very noble indeed.

hello kimmie.

Mom of Four said...

HI Kimmie, miss elle told me to come by and say hi to you..
Peace Corps!!! Was she being forced, or she insisted on doing it for the sake of the starving people??? Whatever her reason was, I will definitely miss her..
You seem to be a fun and humorous blogger too, so I will still come visit her everyday and see if you have new posts..
Take it easy..

Miss Elle said...

KC: I think that Ben guy's HISTORY! :P I heard he OD'ed on Benadryl? Hmm

Anonymous: LOL. Yes, it's SO like her. HELLO!

Mom of four: Hi! :) She's being brainwashed; but joining the peace corps has been on her laundry list for quite awhile so I figure I'd do her the favor. :P

philos said...

Hi Kimmy! Too bad I'm late by a week saying hi hehe...

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