Hey! Kimmie still here. :) Sorry, but Miss Elle is still being held against her will (we've been injecting Benadryl into her bloodstream); so I'm still in charge here.
I honestly feel incompetent yet privileged that Miss Elle has given me access to her cyber journal. And now, for a little history.
Miss Elle and I go wayy back to pre-pubertal days, and have come to be the very best of friends in high school. She'd always have this little plastic blue notebook with her, perpetually doodling and writing whenever she had the chance. We'd always have heart to heart talks, but it'd start with her letting me read a few entries from her precious notebook. Then one day, probably fed up with having to explain things to me, she handed me her pad and said, "Read whatever you want. I'm giving you 100% access."
Cool. Now, five years later, I have yet again unlimited access to her pensieve. What should I do with it?
I'd like to thank those who've commented on my previous post. I was kinda wary at first because I wasn't sure how you guys would react to me. :) Thank you! *I'll try to post better when I have time:)*
So help us God.


Mom of Four said...

What a trusting friend, miss elle is..well, you must really worth the trust then..Have fun and if you have a way to communicate with miss elle, say hi to her for me..

LZ said...

Oops..seems that I missed a lot of your life miss elle dear..

Will catch up with you soon! ;)

*still have to wait 1 more week for internet.. T.T*

bloggista said...

looks like Ms. Elle is hiding from Mr. Ben. LOL. Hey Kimmie, you still got this blog hijacked, let's share on the bounty. :-)

Sam said...

Ms Elle get well soon... Miss you!!!

Kimmie keep posting!!! Hehehe

Anonymous said...

hello kimmie! enjoy blogging!

things&thongs said...

That's nice. My best friends also have a full access to my diary : )
You must be soul sisters huh.

Get well soon Miss Elle!

Kimmie said...

Hi guys! Kimmie here.

Mom of Four: Yes, Miss Elle says Hi. :) I think she gets to drop by here from time to time, but can't post yet.

Iz: Yes, yes. Catch up soon! Hehe

Bloggista: Let's throw a party! When the cat is away ...

Sam: Will try! Hehe. Thank you!

Anonymous: HELLO! :)

Things%amp;thongs: Soul sisters. I like the sound of that. :) God bless

MISS ELLE: Got your SMS last night. I love you! :) Sorry, still haven't loaded. :| Purita moments.

WILL POST ASAP. *Have exams tomorrow.*

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